Jessica Leahey

Project and Business Development Manager

Jessica joined Steps in the Fall of 2019 as an expansion to the USA team. Her passion for activating change through theatre led her to a Master’s Degree in Applied Theatre with The City University of New York. There she learned new and creative ways to use theatre as a behavioral change tool with a keen curiosity towards facilitation and effective learning.

With years of experience as a facilitator in education and as a professional music theatre actor, Jessica is thrilled to bring her unique skillset to be a part of the Steps team. She is currently based in New York City and now believes that after almost a decade she can finally claim the title of “New Yorker” – just in time to move to New Jersey!


About Jessica Leahey

Best holiday recommendation?

Morocco. I fell in love with the vibrant colors, wandering the souks, and getting to know all the lovely people.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

In 3rd grade I decided I would be a bilingual lawyer who would be fluent in Mandarin – a surprising dream career for a small girl from the farm fields of Ohio. Even more to my parent’s surprise, I decided to leave behind the dreams of a law career and take on a career in theatre!

Perfect weekend?

In New York City there are so many adventures to be had. I think a perfect weekend for myself would be a trip to a local festival or museum paired with a long afternoon in the park and a trip (or two) to the local thrift stores