What Our Clients Say

There’s no better endorsement of our work in behaviour change than to hear what our clients say about us…

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  • It described and helped with situations giving real life help and hints and tips on how to talk about this subject which so many people struggle with.
    Learner Comment
  • It was absolutely amazing. In my 15 years with the bank it is by far the best self-led learning I have ever done.
    Learner Comment
  • It didn’t feel like a check box exercise. It was valuable, it didn’t shy away from the real-life difficult conversations people and managers need to have.
    Learner Comment
  • I am delighted that our partnership with Steps has resulted in Goodwin winning the ‘Excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ category at the People in Law awards 2023. The bespoke Inclusive Leadership programme that they created and delivered for us was hugely engaging and impactful for our people in the UK, Germany and Luxembourg and played a key role in our DEI strategy for this region.
    Jessie Pitts, Senior Manager of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Europe and Asia.
  • The team was amazing. The collaboration was really key
    Lisa Hughes - Chief Compliance Officer, FactSet
  • Our relationship with Steps has gone from strength to strength… and we’re so clear that this is the approach for us at Publicis Sapient. It resonates, we’re getting the reactions we want and we’re having much deeper conversations with our leaders around Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.
    Lucy Bell, Learning & Talent Development Lead (International), Publicis Sapient
  • “I thought it was a really good initial session and inspired me to share the model with my team and start the discussion around diversity and inclusion and how my leadership team can think about how they act, behave and their language so we can all hold each other to account on the topic.”
    Session Participant, Drax
  • It was an absolute pleasure working with Steps, they were so engaged with us and we always felt this was a partnership. We really appreciated their flexibility and commitment as well as the incredible actors and the amazing impact they have had on our workshops.
    BP Leadership Academy Team
  • The training delivered by Steps is the best customer relations training I've ever seen or experienced. To get bus drivers so engaged and motivated using real experiences is just brilliant.
    Sir Peter Hendy CBE, Former Chair, TfL
  • What you get with Steps is a group who are very creative, experts in what they do and focused on doing the right thing for your organisation - and who are also a lot of fun to work with.
    Kate Fisher, Senior Director – Talent, Leadership and Capability at Asda
  • The feedback has been really positive, not only in terms of the participants enjoying the workshops… they’ve all got something out of it. People have started to take responsibility for their own development.
    Rosalind Milligan
  • It's different from a training course - I feel like I'm helping myself but also mindful of others too.
    Programme Participant
  • One of the best things for me about the approach we've taken is that it's not what people expect. You don't see anybody sat not talking and not engaged.
    Lesley Dobson, Head of Communications
  • We were after sustained, long term behaviour change, and with the help of Steps we achieved just that. In terms of Return on Investment, we couldn’t have done any better.
    Anita Day, European Culture Transformation Leader, IBM GBS
  • Working with Steps is absolutely fantastic, there was never anything too big or too small to ask for, and that relationship is something we will continue to explore; it was a very refreshing way of working.
    Katie Wynn, Inclusion Manager at Asda
  • I’ve been a part of many workshops at Aviva; but this is the one that sparked the imagination, and the passion was off the scale.
    Tom O'Reilly, People Business Partner, Aviva
  • I think the Hello London training course is the best thing that could have happened to the industry in London.
    Lawrence Wilson, Director, London HCT Group
  • I had a stunning experience with Steps and I'm looking forward to the next initiative with them.
    Ashish Peshave, Senior HR Associate, ZS Associates
  • The training delivered by Steps is the best customer relations training I've ever seen or experienced. To get bus drivers so engaged and motivated using real experiences is just brilliant.
    Sir Peter Hendy CBE, Chair, Network Rail
  • One of the most engaging days I've had in terms of training
    Andy Holston, Area Manager, London Convenience, Tesco
  • Steps has been really, really responsive and very supportive in putting together ideas. It's been great fun working with the team and I've thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Ellen Keith, Programme Manager - Ethical Practice, Oxford University Press
  • It hasn’t felt like we’ve been separate organisations, it’s a group of people coming together for a single purpose
    Joe Armstrong, Learning & Development Lead - Digital Railway People Capability, Network Rail
  • It’s been an extremely collaborative partnership – lots of creativity and ideas – going above and beyond our expectations in terms of support
    Karina Govindji, Group Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Vodafone
  • In-house coaching sets are a very good experience. You gain a lot from talking and listening to your colleagues.
    Participant, Manager, Co-Op Funeralcare
  • Working with Steps has been energetic, fast flowing, fun, engaging and not the least bit like work
    Rosalind Milligan, Resourcing and Development Manager, Co-Op Funeralcare
  • Steps are very organised. They organise me, which helps me to organise other people - and that’s been the key to getting the session delivered in the time available.
    Tina Mason, Associate Director, Diversity & Inclusion, EY
  • It’s been really interesting. Enlightening. Steps ‘get out’ of people a different type of learning. Our people have taken to it greatly – the feedback has been terrific....
    Sue Morgan, Head of HR, Church of England
  • “The partnership has worked really well. The Steps team was so enthusiastic, they really caught the excitement of what we wanted to achieve, It’s been a really excellent partnership, we’ve enjoyed it - and it’s been a fantastically valuable learning experience...”
    Karen West, Archbishops' Adviser on Bishops' Ministry, Church of England
  • The sheer genius of eliciting "unique" advice from the audience through the twists and turns of drama had an immediate impact on the learning process as well as group dynamics.
    Neeta Pithwa, Event Organiser, CIPD
  • The team created interest and energy with the group and the forum theatre, feedback and discussion really challenged and provoked the audience. There was lots of learning and great fun.
    Karen Partridge, Chair, CIPD
  • I was very pleased with the project – as were the other HR people involved... The Steps team delivered a series of high-quality, tailored sessions in a very tight time-frame…
    Anon, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, APAC Region, Global Investment Bank
  • It's been very good working with Steps. Very professional. The way that you can jump from scene to scene and still keep a 'thread' - I don't know how you do it.
    Bill Cooke, Behaviour Change Specialist, Network Rail
  • We were delighted to work with the Steps team again. They invested time and energy in understanding the requirements of our delegates and the content of the programme
    Soozi Parker, Learning & Development Consultant, New Hat Thinking
  • Feedback results from our Graduate Induction Class show that 100% of delegates rated the clarity and liveliness of Steps' presentation, as well as the teaching methods applied, as excellent.
    Anon, HR Lead, Financial Services
  • Steps brought the behaviours to life in a way that we could never achieve in a presentation. Their work injects a degree of humour that helps make a serious message more compelling.
    Laura Seber, Senior Talent Development Consultant, Sky
  • Steps worked with us to create a unique learning experience that inspired our team and energised our working practices. We’re delighted with the result and the great feedback received from attendees.
    Therese Tyson, HR Manager, Diversity, DAC Beachcroft
  • Steps did a great job and were able to flex their approach. There was a good use of humour, they promoted good conversations and skillfully got across the key messages.
    Anon, Commissioning Manager, Learning and Development, Major UK Bank
  • Not only did I learn tactics for use for my own communication, I also learned a lot about how others think about communication...
    Delegate, Global Reinsurer
  • ‘I loved this course, I learned a lot and the actors allowed me the ability to see behaviours/reactions more clearly. This was one of the best training courses I’ve attended.
    Delegate, Marketing Development Support, Global Reinsurer
  • “This was really good and more memorable for being different in format...”
    Delegate, International Banking Organisation
  • “Very good refresher of coaching skills and the case studies were spot on...”
    Delegate, International Banking Organisation
  • One of the best courses I have attended. Excellent...
    Delegate, International Banking Organisation
  • We received some encouraging results - with 90%+ of respondents saying they would recommend the course to a colleague.
    Consultant, Organisational Effectiveness, International Banking Organisation
  • Steps get the audience to contribute ideas and draw out lessons and best practice. This is a much more effective learning experience than having someone give a lecture.
    Jenny O'Neill, Senior HR Officer, Buckinghamshire County Council
  • Steps got to the heart of our issues and translated these into a script that nailed the critical issues. Our managers were delighted with the approach, and the workshops have been a real talking point.
    Linsey Perry, Professional Development Manager, Network Rail
  • The sessions provided really valuable insights. I’m delighted that we could benefit from such professionally delivered training, and it was a pleasure for me to work with you - I learned a lot.
    Pavla Vinklarova, HR Services, Prague
  • These complex topics are not always easy to broach but the learning is imparted in such an engaging and collaborative manner that even the most reticent find it a comfortable environment in which to participate.
    Adrian Carey, Staff Officer Operations, RNLI
  • Cascading learning through Steps’ non-conventional, innovative drama-based methodology, helped us drive our objectives very effectively and with a lot of impact...
    Namrata Wakloo, Head of Learning and Development, Aircel
  • This programme delivered. It raised customer care and service excellence up the agenda for everybody across the organisation. That’s what we wanted - and Steps helped us achieve it.
    Pam Bhama, Director of Housing, Southern Housing Group