Virtual Experiences

The changing face of global business and the impact of this on people development continually inspires and challenges us. We have always kept a keen eye and an open mind on the need to engage to those working disparately, remotely or those that may have reduced access to a physical ‘space’. Steps to Change and our experience of developing live drama and video/digital content is an award-winning combination that delivers results in the virtual space.

We’ve been hearing from our clients a lot about how they, and their businesses, need to adapt to the ‘New Normal’ of this pandemic. Whether engaging large cohorts, small groups, or individuals – we have a range of tools, techniques, and platforms that we can use to engage and develop your people, in this new virtual world.

Video Meeting

Coronavirus and Virtual Learning

As leaders and managers, the people challenge in a virtual world is a very new and significant one – and we are working with clients to develop a range of programmes focusing on the skills and behaviours required to operate and thrive within this changing environment.

Virtually delivered programmes include:

  • Inclusive Leadership in the ‘New Normal’
  • Coaching Gyms (either 1 to 1 or in small groups)
  • Mental Health and Remote Working
  • Resilience in the ‘New Normal’
  • Handling challenging conversations in the Virtual space.

Can it work virtually?

The answer is, resoundingly, yes. We know there is something uniquely powerful about the live experience – but the realism of drama is not lost when experienced virtually, it’s just different. In adapting to a virtual platform, the expertise and insight of our facilitators will deliver the same engagement, active participation and commitment to change that we’re known for. Our Video and Digital offering, including e-learning and video (using existing materials or even filmed remotely – see an example here!) is still also very much possible – we’re happy to have a chat about how best to meet your need!