Psychological Safety and Health & Safety Behaviours

Organisations are increasingly making the link between physical and psychological safety in the workplace and in our view these two subject areas are inextricably linked. We are passionate about helping organisations to create a positive health and safety culture and to explore the intersection between health and safety and an inclusive corporate culture, as a critical aspect to unlocking positive results in both people and performance. Our experiential approach creates a unique offering that will bring safety behaviours to life, enabling your people to not only understand organisational policies and compliance, but critically to See and Own the behaviours that will truly embed a culture of psychological and physical safety.

In our experience, using an experiential learning approach is unrivalled when exploring safety from a behavioural perspective. Your people will invariably know what the manuals and guidelines recommend and require – but we know that words alone do not change behaviour. Being able to ‘play out’ these scenarios in a safe space, without judgement or consequence is a rare and powerful thing. It allows people to see how these risks play out practically in the everyday reality of their roles and environment and how their own individual behaviours and decisions can impact the eventual safety outcomes positively or negatively.

Very often the approach we take is to first engage senior leaders with a practical understanding of psychological safety – what it means, how it manifests and the role of leaders in creating a psychologically safe culture at work. This is a crucial foundation for developing a climate where speaking up is valued and encouraged. Once this is complete, we widen our approach – engaging broader cohorts to understand the link between psychological and physical safety at work, focusing particularly on behaviours and accountability, to drive a culture where safety is paramount.

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Key learning outcomes could include:

  • Developing a shared sense of what it means to have a ‘speak up’ culture and psychological safety – especially for leaders and managers
  • gaining the skills and confidence to raise concerns
  • effectively listening and responding to challenges from others
  • learning from mistakes, and avoiding a ‘blame’ culture
  • Understanding of consequence modelling
  • Understanding the implications of decisions and actions within their roles
  • Better understanding of safety management systems
  • Grasping the critical nature of environmental compliance and sustainability in relation to Health & Safety
  • Understanding & implementing Quality Assurance and Standards (includes skills such as monitoring and auditing processes, risk management, non-conformance identification and root cause analysis).

By creating credible, fully tailored scenarios we will demonstrate how everyone has a role to play in creating a culture of safety in the workplace. Drama scenarios are reinforced with real world examples, case studies and models/theories of safety, making clear links to your industry and organisation, and how safety behaviours intersect with organisational policies, processes and strategies.

Interactive workshops on Safety Culture and Behaviours can be delivered in-person or virtually. We can also design and produce high-quality bespoke digital resources (videos, modular e-learning) to cascade and sustain learning, as well as engaging cohorts across multiple sites or working different shift patterns. We partner with clients to design and develop the appropriate approach and format to achieve practical, tangible learning and behavioural change outcomes.

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I think the training delivered by Steps is the best customer relations training I’ve ever seen or experienced. To get experienced bus drivers so engaged and motivated using actors to simulate real experiences is just brilliant. It’s worth seeing the two day course to see how good it is!

Sir Peter Hendy CBE
Chair, Network Rail, Customer Experience Training for London Bus Drivers

I was very pleased with the project – as were the other HR people involved… The Steps team delivered a series of high-quality, tailored sessions in a very tight time-frame…

Head of Diversity & Inclusion, APAC Region, Global Investment Bank

The feedback is always so positive following Steps’ sessions. These complex topics are not always easy to broach but the lessons and guidance are imparted in such an engaging and collaborative manner that even the most reticent soon find it a comfortable environment in which to participate and engage.

Adrian Carey
Staff Officer Operations, RNLI