Where We Work

We have the insight and expertise to design and deliver high-calibre programmes on a truly global scale.

Delivering globally

We have a wealth of experience in cultural learning styles we use this insight in designing global programmes in partnership with our clients. Depending on the requirement, our programmes guide participants on a behaviour change journey using Steps to Change in a number of different ways:

  • Live on the ground by a local team (delivering in the local language if needed).
  • By a global team who deliver in a number of different locations.
  • Creating bespoke media and using digital techniques. These can include train-the-trainer programmes, e-learning, video resources and virtual delivery, and can be tailored to different markets, regions, languages, etc.
customer service skills training

Cultural insight and awareness

We have core staff located worldwide, with hubs or offices in London, UK, Pune, India, New York City, USA, Continental Europe and Asia Pacific. This means that when we design a programme, you’re guaranteed cultural insight and awareness as well as the necessary logistical know-how. In our experience logistics can be the most time consuming and complex part of a global programme and our team can make this feel easy and seamless.