Video and Digital

Media and technology are key to our approach to learning, and is an essential tool in the behaviour change journey. Developing effective, engaging content is a key part of how we work. For more information on our virtual offering, please see our Virtual Experiences page.

In particular, we create high impact, high quality video content with storytelling at its heart. Our team’s huge experience in video production means that quality is a given and so the focus is on delivering the learning.

Filmed drama is just one of the media tools we use. There are a wide range of techniques and approaches that support behaviour change and can help achieve outcomes. We collaborate with clients from the start to ensure the content effectively holds up a mirror to organisational reality to engage and challenge the learner.

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Media-rich integrated learning…

Steps’ media projects are sometimes standalone programmes for self-managed learning, but often part of a blended learner engagement, serving a different purpose at each of the Steps to Change:

  • Pre-engagement and ‘teaser campaigns’.
  • Adding impact to live events and conferences.
  • Personalised interviews and case studies.
  • As part of a facilitators ‘tool-kit’ for internally led programmes (via train the trainer).
  • Micro-learning modules for self-managed e-learning.
  • To follow up live interventions, ensuring that the key messages are built upon and sustained in the long-term.

Making the most of your investment 

Every bespoke piece of media content is outcome-focused and carefully planned and resourced to ensure it fits your needs and purposes. Creating quality media resources doesn’t have to be expensive; we use our knowledge and experience to make the most of your investment – ensuring that your budget ends up on screen and re-purposing content across platforms to add value.

Whether a large-scale programme to suit multiple cultures and languages or for localised teams, we can adapt our content and techniques to suit your need – using tools such as subtitling, dubbing or small cultural references to ensure your investment resonates with all.

If you are looking to use media as part of a learning programme please get in touch and we’ll share our experience and help you create something engaging and effective.