Our Facilitators and Coaches

We’re extremely proud of our highly experienced actor facilitator and coaching team of professionally trained individuals with a wealth of industry experience. Each person specialises in the application of theatre methodologies within a learning and development context. All have experience of applying learning models and theories alongside drama-based content to enhance the learning experience and further embed training.

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Quality and experience

We carefully select each member of our team after a thorough audition process. They bring their skills (as role players, facilitators, coaches and writers) to add value and depth to Steps’ programmes. We hold regular engagement forums, including development workshops in a variety of subject areas, as part of our ongoing facilitator and coaching team development, Not only does this maintain our high quality standards, but it also gives us the opportunity to listen to feedback and take collective responsibility for creating the most robust methods to deliver programmes.

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A Global Team

We have teams based across the globe: from London to Tokyo, Sydney to New York and everything in between. Working with any Steps facilitator or coach is a great, fun, friendly, professional experience; no matter where in the world they’re based they go through the same rigorous training process to ensure all programmes are delivered to the same high quality and consistency.


The diversity of our actor facilitator pool allows us to fully and credibly reflect the diversity within our clients’ organisations. We can provide team members with specific industry, sector or subject knowledge/experience, as well as the capability to deliver in a range of world languages.

Our coaches are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds – from professional actors and learning specialists to senior business people. We have an established process to ensure that the coach/coachee chemistry is right, that our focus remains business-centred so desired outcomes are clear from the start, and evaluation is stringent and informative.