Leadership & Management

Effective leaders and managers understand the climate and context in which they operate. They understand their people and they instinctively know how to adapt their style and approach in order to enable them to fulfil their potential and bring their very best to what they do.

The pursuit of the corporate strategy (results, outcomes, improvements etc.) can drive a very ‘command and control’ culture.  Many programmes focus on the (useful) theories and strategies of effective leadership and management, but one distinct area is often missing; how to make the learning really Live for each individual as they lead the organisation and work with the teams and individuals within it.

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Steps’ philosophy is to engage the ‘hearts and minds’ of leaders and managers, allowing them to understand what it really means in practice to lead the organisation and be a culture carrier in the context of who they are and their role.

Our Approach

Using our Steps to Change to guide their development journey we reflect back the reality as it is now, challenge leaders to see the benefits of a different set of behaviours and introduce the leadership theories and strategies that will support them to live the change. Our key focus is on the practical development of their personal and interpersonal skills – enabling leaders to: motivate, coach and give effective feedback, develop their people, and support the creation of an inclusive culture for all.

Furthering the Leadership Journey

Other examples of our work to support a leader’s journey include:

  • Facilitating development and assessment centres.
  • Executive level coaching.
  • Developing performance and feedback skills.
  • Inclusive Leadership.
  • Leadership responsibility in regulated environments e.g. SMCR.