Coaching Skills

There are few management skills that have greater impact on an individuals  performance, motivation and development than coaching. Effective coaching can transform operational decision making, team discussions, client meetings and career and personal development

We believe the GROW model is an effective and well respected coaching method to help people achieve goals and solve problems. Its techniques are easily understood and practised both one-to-one and in groups.

We combine this with our Steps to Change, enabling individuals to develop their coaching skills.

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Developing a coaching style

Combing GROW and Steps to Change, we start a journey to developing a coaching style by allowing individuals to:

  • See the impact of their current behavioural style on others and to experience GROW coaching and how powerful it can be.
  • Own their ability to adopt the GROW model, and addressing the potential barriers to change.
  • Change their behaviours to adopt a coaching style.
  • Live this new way of working so they continue to practise, get feedback and improve over time.

Complementing a coaching approach

There are a range of powerful techniques that we believe complement a coaching approach and help to deliver behavioural change. Notably:

  • Drama to help people realise the benefits of coaching and explore possible challenges.
  • Skills practice with highly experienced, qualified coaches.
  • Providing support materials (including through digital media) for both coaches and coachees, in order to help them get the most from a coaching opportunity.
  • Coaching sets to provide peer support and opportunities for practice.

Our techniques are highly scalable. We can reach thousands of people across many countries and work in multiple languages.