What else?   

What else?   

We specialise in experiential learning and behavioural change.  Individual behaviour sets the tone and the tone sets the culture.  For organisational culture to be an asset, its vital that people are engaged at an individual level with their own development and change journey.

Given that behaviour impacts every aspect of business and working life – we create programmes to suit a range of topic areas, using a consistent Steps to Change approach.  We work in partnership with our global clients to understand, design to, and deliver on, objectives in a way that’s credible, creative and insight-driven.  Our programmes allow individuals to first SEE and OWN the change that’s required, before equipping them with the skills and confidence to CHANGE and LIVE the new behaviours.  In this way, we move beyond great learning and development to deliver real and lasting change within organisations.

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What’s your change?

We’ve developed a range of successful change initiatives for clients across the world, in areas including:

  • Workplace Mental Health
  • Allyship
  • Health & Safety Behaviours
  • Assessment & Development Centres
  • Personal Impact
  • Anti Sexual Harassment
  • Leading in Challenging Times
  • Compliance/Regulatory (e.g. SMCR)

If you’re navigating a change programme or seeking a behavioural shift within your organisation – we’d love to share your challenge.

Genuine partnership…

We work in partnership with our global clients to bring creativity, insight and fresh ideas.

We do this in a range of ways:

• Through our extended network of experienced Learning Partners who add specialist insight to our programmes where needed.
• Continuously improving our knowledge of Learning & Development trends and digital resources across territories.
• Developing scalable solutions to suit any size or structure of organisation.
• Working with existing client partners or suppliers to create the solution which best delivers on objectives.

We’re also honest enough to step back if we feel we’re not the right ‘fit’ for any reason. We are well networked and are happy to make introductions.