Who We Are

At Steps, we can’t help but be proud of our achievements after more than a quarter of a century in the business of promoting learning and behaviour change.

Since Steps was founded almost 30 years ago, we’ve developed into a global consultancy, delivering high-quality, high-impact behaviour change programmes which reflect local cultures and languages. Our highly skilled and experienced global team has one focus: working in partnership with our clients to achieve behavioural change.

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Bespoke work to achieve behavioural change

We collaborate with our clients to help them achieve behavioural change among their leaders and workforces, using interactive drama and creative learning techniques. Every piece of our work is created from detailed research and sensitive analysis, then carefully structured, tailored and resourced to ensure it’s fit for that individual purpose, often blending a number of techniques in order to achieve our clients’ specific needs. The resulting programmes therefore all look and sound very different from one client to the next.

What’s in a Name?

The founders of Steps met in 1992 while role playing for the student doctors at Guy’s Hospital Medical School. They played over-talkative patients, silent patients and patients who had to hear some bad news about their state of health. A meeting place had had to be selected where the actors could assemble on the morning of these courses. It was finally decided that the most convenient, and easily found, location was the flight of steps up to the main entrance of the medical school. Actors would receive a communication ‘Please meet us on the steps of the medical school…’ And those ‘Steps’ gave us our name.

Our biggest achievement

We’re a global enterprise, with teams in the UK, USA, Asia Pacific and India, and we’ve delivered in over 70 global locations. We’re focused on outcomes; searching for and devising techniques and materials to bring about sustained behaviour change. As we we’ve grown over the years, and continue to change and adapt, one thing remains constant: our clients tell us that working with us is a fun, friendly, professional experience – and this is our proudest achievement of all.

Steps has been really, really responsive and very supportive in putting together ideas. It’s been great fun working with the team and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ellen Keith
Programme Manager – Ethical Practice, Oxford University Press

It’s been an extremely collaborative partnership – lots of creativity and ideas – going above and beyond our expectations in terms of support

Karina Govindji
Group Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Vodafone

Working with Steps has been energetic, fast flowing, fun, engaging and not the least bit like work

Rosalind Milligan
Resourcing and Development Manager, Co-Op Funeralcare