What Is Role Play in Drama?

Would you like to know what role play in drama is? Would you like to better understand the impact that role play has on a place of work and how it reinforces positive behaviours? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with Steps. We’re a company that excels in instigating behavioural changes that lead to highly productive, happy, toxic-free work environments. 

We bring about this much-needed change through a combination of drama teaching tips and drama lesson ideas, with courses structured to each client’s needs. If you would like to learn more about role play in drama, read on or give Steps a call on +44 (0) 20 7403 9000

Defining Role Play 

Role play is defined as a practice in which an individual acts out or performs the part of a person or character. The act of role play is commonly associated with practices that include training and psychotherapy. As such, role play forms an integral part of our behavioural coaching courses. 

Our courses are rooted in drama-led activities that provide a clear picture and a narrative for attendees to follow. 

What Is the Purpose of Role Play?

The purpose of role play in drama is to act as a mirror, enabling individuals to witness behaviours first-hand rather than hear about them. We are a very image-oriented species and generally respond more dramatically to visual stimuli.  

We use role play in drama to re-enact toxic scenarios in the workplace while attendees act as witnesses. By seeing what impact these behaviours can have first-hand, attendees are incentivised to recognise and take ownership of their own behaviours. This lays the foundation for change. 

Why You Should Try Role Play?

If your place of work is overshadowed by toxic elements, then role play through drama is an effective means of addressing this problem. Often in cases like these, situations cannot be resolved internally, which is why our drama teaching tips can prove so invaluable. 

Role play in drama has been shown to greatly increase the likelihood that people will commit to changing their behaviour. And we’ve had great success with teaching managers and leaders how to be more inclusive. The result is a happier, more productive and inclusive work environment. 

Why You Should Choose Our Role Play Services?  

We employ media-based and live drama backed by theory to provide employees, managers, and leaders with a clear picture reflecting current behaviours. Our corporate role play capabilities are extensive and include services, such as: 

Founded nearly 30 years ago, Steps has grown to be regarded as one of the leading international consultancies that specialise in high-quality, high-impact role play solutions.  

Our Role Play Process Made to Suit Your Needs    

We carry out extensive research and sensitive analysis that enables us to perfectly tailor the drama teaching tips and coaching that we offer to your company’s needs. 

This means that your experience will differ from other companies in your industry and that you’ll achieve the results that matter most to your employees. 

Testimonies from Others  

We take immense pride in providing the most diverse range of behavioural coaching services. You can go online for drama teaching tips or get in touch to request information about any one of our many drama-based services. 

And if you’re on the fence about whether to call us and would like to hear from those who’ve used our services, we encourage you to click on our testimonial’s page. 

Additional Services Your Organisation May Need  

We have an incredible team of actors who play a vital role in delivering the best corporate role play in drama. We can tailor the role play scenarios and coaching structure to different cultures and even translate it into different languages. 

But that’s not all; we also provide a range of other behavioural coaching services, including: 

  • Allyship  
  • Anti-Sexual Harassment  
  • Assessment and Development Centres  
  • Compliance/ Regulatory (e.g., SMCR)  
  • Health and Safety Behaviours  
  • Leading in Challenging Times  
  • Personal Impact  
  • Workplace Mental Health 

To learn more about any of these services, go online and browse our easily navigable website or call Steps today. 

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Now that you understand a little more about what role play is and how vital it is to drama-based learning, we encourage you to get in touch with the team at Steps. We’re keen to work with your company, share drama lesson ideas and drama teaching tips, and provide a course structure that works with your company’s framework in mind. 

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