August 2020 – Open Virtual Workshops

5 August 2020

As this ‘New Normal’ has gone on, we’ve been adapting the Steps approach to suit the virtual world – we’ve never been ‘talk and chalk’ so why would we be ‘speaker and slides’?!

The 90/75 minute workshops are fully interactive, with discussion encouraged – and using the drama-based approach to change you know us for. To ensure each participant gets the most value from the workshop, we do suggest you ensure you’re able to attend for the full session– and we do have to limit registrations to 35 per session, and only 3 participants per organisation for each session, so get in quick!

Actionable Allyship in the Workplace – Thursday 13th August- 4pm BST/11am EDT and Thursday 27th August 2:30pm BST/9:30am EDT
What does it look like to be an ally not just in words, but in action? How are we speaking up and recognising when privilege and power come into play in the workplace? Over 90 minutes, we explore how bias might inform our decision making in the workplace, own the ways our privilege effect those choices, change the way we think about that privilege, and live the actions of an ally.

Behavioural Feedback Conversations in the New Normal – Wednesday 19th August – 9:30am BST
How do your people deliver behavioural feedback effectively in a virtual world? Do people within your organisation put off delivering insightful observations that have the potential to enhance an individual’s performance? Has long term virtual working had a negative impact on behavioural feedback conversations? Over 90 minutes, this event will explore how to confidently deliver behavioural feedback that will enhance a team members capability.

Mental Health in the Workplace (Steps India Event) – Thursday 20th August 4pm IST
Join the Steps India team as over 75-minutes they explore: how to identify and act upon unhealthy stress levels and common mental health issues in yourself and in others, how to better understand the impact of COVID-19 and lockdown on mental health and how to support yourself and your team members.

To reserve your place, please email with your name, organisation and the session(s) you’d like to attend!