Virtual Drama Training

At Steps, our goal is to challenge thinking, strike up conversations, trigger debates, and tackle the prevalence of unconscious bias in the workplace. We achieve this through high impact, engaging drama which forms the basis of everything we do. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve introduced virtual drama training, so that clients can still benefit from our expertise. To get started, call us on +44 (0) 20 7403 9000.

Professional Virtual Learning Solutions

Toxic behaviours can have a detrimental impact on employee morale and even affect interactions with customers. Such behaviours can damage a company’s reputation and cause an increase in staff turnover. Here at Steps, we provide training solutions that bring about behavioural change. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve devised our virtual drama training as an alternative to our usual face-to-face visits.


There are many benefits to our virtual drama training, including:

  • It serves to bring up issues which could benefit from being spoken about in a highly engaging way.
  • It enables individuals to view (and often laugh at) the behaviours that currently exist within the organisation.
  • By witnessing their own behaviours, the emotional impact is felt a lot more.
  • It is a practical approach, making it easier to identify behaviours that need to be changed.
  • Critical thinking is encouraged, as is a shared sense of purpose and active problem-solving.
  • Virtual learning can be adapted to suit all learning styles – it is embraced by many cultures and easily translates across different languages too.

It’s important to note that individuals are never made to feel uncomfortable or exposed. This isn’t about shaming people – this is simply about creating a better environment for everyone. For this reason, we at Steps strive for consistency and authenticity. We thrive on conversation and are more than happy to discuss with you what right approach for your organisation might be.


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Introducing Virtual Experiences Delivered Through Drama

To bring about behavioural change, these behaviours must first be seen as they are currently. This process enables those involved to begin down a new path towards developing a better way of doing things. This is the purpose of our virtual experiences. We utilise high impact, engaging drama to help put behaviours into context.

Using both live and media-based drama, we seek to challenge thinking and in doing so, trigger debate. This is all done while informing, exploring theory in practice, and testing out new ideas. Throughout, we strive for virtual drama learning that’s honest, engaging, and enjoyable. We’ve developed and honed the techniques we use over a span of more than a decade and a half. We believe these to be the most effective way of bringing about change.

Our Virtual and Hybrid Experiences

It’s not uncommon for companies to be left perplexed as to the best way to engage with their employees and implement effective learning and change initiatives. This is a problem compounded further by the current pandemic, especially with a new national lockdown set to roll out in November. The lockdown has meant that many people are working remotely, moving us closer and closer to “hybrid” workforces.

The good news is that organisations grappling with this issue can greatly benefit from our virtual drama training. In fact, much of our focus recently has been on devising brand-new virtual experiences. We’ve been working hard, creating an effective virtual programme that sticks close to the power of live drama and digital content. Our virtual experiences stay true to our ‘Steps to Change’ methodology.


Does Virtual Drama Learning Work?

The short answer is – yes, it absolutely does work. While it does not replace the emotional impact of live drama, it is an excellent alternative that can be highly beneficial in these trying times. Our goal is to maintain the same levels of excellence that we’re known for. We’ve carefully designed our virtual learning experiences accordingly. So, you can expect the same degree of engagement, active participation, and commitment to change.

And you can still benefit from our video and digital offerings; these have been filmed in a variety of ways and include e-learning resources.

Our COVID-19 Virtual Solution

Even in a virtual world, the challenges posed by unconscious bias still exist and must be addressed by leaders and managers everywhere. To thrive within this changing environment, we’ve worked closely with clients to create virtual drama training that’s designed with a focus on the necessary skills and behaviours.

We use interactive or scripted drama and deliver virtual programmes ranging from inclusive leadership in the ‘new normal’ to mental health and remote working, resilience in the ‘new normal’, actionable allyship in the workplace, and more.


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Our Video and Digital Resources

At Steps, we’ve always made full use of media and technology in delivering our drama-based learning programmes, and our virtual drama learning experience is no exception. Video and digital are vital resources that aid in behavioural change. We work tirelessly to create new, innovative content that fully engages and inspires. Our virtual experiences page has more information on this.

We focus on telling a story – this sits at the heart of every high impact, high-quality piece of content that we create. Clients can expect excellent production values combined with a meaningful approach made possible by our highly experienced team. But we don’t just limit ourselves to filmed drama. Through collaboration, we draw on many different strategies and techniques to create content that effectively mirrors the organisational reality of every client business.

Through media-rich integrated learning, we at Steps seek to deliver different solutions, from standalone programmes to self-managed learning. All throughout, the content we deliver remains true to our ‘Steps to Change’ approach, serving different purposes throughout, such as:

  • Pre-Engagement and Teaser Campaigns
  • Creating Impactful Live Events and Conferences
  • Personalising Case Studies and Interviews
  • Acting as a Tool Kit for Facilitators (for internally led programmes)
  • Micro-Learning Modules for Self-Managed E-Learning
  • As a Means of Following Up Live Interventions – Making Sure Important Messages are Built Upon and Sustained

We know that no two businesses are alike and so the requirements will always differ. To fit your needs and purposes, we ensure that every piece of media content is entirely bespoke. Our virtual drama training is outcome-focused from the get-go. You might be thinking that this sounds rather expensive, but the truth is that it needn’t be. We use our knowledge and expertise to make full use of your investment, ensuring that you get your money’s worth while adding value through re-purposing content across platforms.

Our virtual learning experiences are adaptable too – perhaps you require a programme devised for multiple languages, cultures, or localised offices. Or maybe you’d like to roll out something that encompasses the entire organisation. We can do this through tools that include dubbing and subtitling. Plus, we can also incorporate cultural references to help individuals better connect with the content.

For those who wish to pursue a virtual drama training programme that incorporates media, let Steps know, and we’ll provide you with all the benefit of our expertise.


Drama-Based Training

Here to Coach You and Your Team Towards Your Goals

To bring about real change that lasts, it’s important to utilise coaching as part of your strategy. The developmental techniques created by Steps relies massively on coaching to that end. In fact, our team comprises some of the best coaches around, all of whom are well-versed in a range of coaching strategies. They work with individuals as well as groups and teams, helping to achieve their potential and overcome specific obstacles.

Just some of the areas our coaching team cover include supporting the embedding of skills and culture change, easing career transitions, and tacking challenging behaviours. We offer drop-in coaching sessions as well as one-to-one bespoke coaching options too. From experienced businesspersons to actors, learning specialists, and full-time coaches, our coaching team is as diverse as they come.

When approaching us for virtual drama learning solutions, we ensure that the right coach is assigned to you. This ensures that the fullest potential is reached and that the coach in question can adapt fully to work across different cultures and local languages where needed.


Where We Work

Our drama-based solutions aren’t limited by geography, and this holds especially true for our virtual drama training experiences. Wherever your business is situated, whether it’s in a single location or spans the entire globe, you can draw on our insight and expertise. Our experience in designing and developing global programmes is underpinned by a wealth knowledge of cultural learning styles.

We work closely with our clients, creating virtual experiences that are tailored to the client’s needs and budget. Participants are guided in-line with ‘Steps to Change’ methodology through the provision of bespoke media and digital techniques. Such techniques include ‘Train-the-Trainer’ programmes, e-learning, video resources, and virtual delivery.

Regardless of the market you’re operating in, the region you do business in, languages you conduct business in, etc., our solutions will be tailored to meet your needs.

Cultural Insight and Awareness Through Virtual Drama Training

The Steps team are located in hubs and offices all over the world. London, India, the US, and Continental Europe are just some of our bases of operations. Full cultural insight and awareness is, therefore, a given when choosing to work with us. Each of our regional teams possesses the required logistical knowledge – the time-consuming, often complex nature of creating global programmes can be greatly offset by our involvement. This makes us the perfect option for international virtual learning experiences.


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Industries That Can Benefit from Our Solutions

Our focus spans multiple industries. Below you’ll find a little information on three of our focus industries – legal, consultancy, and technology.

  • Legal Firms
  • Consultancies
  • Technology Companies

Why Should You Choose Steps Drama?

The Steps team has been in the business of helping organisations achieve positive behavioural change for more than 25 years. The high-quality, impactful virtual drama training programmes delivered by our team reflect the individualistic nature of various cultures. Encompassing different languages, we create training solutions that translate across the globe.

Our goal is to help bring about behavioural change among leaders as well as their employees. We do this through the use of interactive drama and creative learning techniques. While traditionally, our programmes are often delivered in person, recent events have given rise to our virtual learning solutions. We do our research, and through sensitive analysis, each and every programme is tailored to our clients’ requirements.

To foster inclusive workplace environments, we offer a range of training solutions, including theatre based unconscious bias training and unconscious bias courses via theater. These programmes are designed to promote self-awareness, behavioral change, and effective leadership. Learn more about our offerings by visiting our training services page.

All our virtual drama training experiences look very different from one client to the next, but all are underpinned by our ‘Steps to Change’ approach.




Steps to Change

It’s not all about the training – to bring about lasting change requires acknowledgement, a willingness to change, and a commitment to sustaining this change. Through our work and research, we’ve gained a unique understanding that defines our virtual drama learning solutions. We’ve created a process that we refer to as our ‘Steps to Change’ approach. All our programmes are underpinned by this approach, ensuring that every advantage is called upon to ensure success.

The four stages of this approach are:

  • See It
  • Own It
  • Change It
  • Live It

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What We Do

To deliver our bespoke virtual drama training solutions, we work closely with clients throughout the world. By delivering carefully designed, highly engaging programmes, we help organisations move ever-closer to achieving those much-needed behavioural changes. While COVID-19 has presented us with new challenges, we’ve successfully overcome these obstacles with our new virtual experiences.

Grounded in continuous development and underpinned by our ‘Steps to Change’ approach, we devise virtual learning solutions which are reflective of organisational reality. Our experience tells us that adults don’t typically respond well to simply being told they need to change. We’ve learned that by holding a mirror up to individuals and helping them to recognise their own behaviours as well as the behaviours of others, we can achieve so much more.

Our focus is on helping participants develop skills, confidence, and the motivation to not just see behaviours, but to own, change, and live new behaviours too. Through an insight-driven approach, our virtual drama training providers strive to inspire while challenging outdated concepts and notions. Flexibility is key – we not only challenge the behaviours of others but our own behaviours too.

Areas covered by our virtual drama learning solutions include:

And the beauty of our ‘Steps to Change’ approach is that it’s not just limited to certain programmes. It’s fully transferable, making it an invaluable teaching tool for any given situation.


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How We Do It

When you work with Steps, you’ll quickly realise what it is that makes our approach so successful. Our virtual drama training is backed by creativity, passion, and a firm dedication to helping clients achieve their behavioural goals. We’re committed to always working closely in partnership with you. It’s your business, but we’re here to challenge your way of thinking. By offering you a fresh perspective and bringing new ideas to the table, we can offer you solutions you never previously considered.

Thanks to our responsive, dynamic, ‘Steps to Change’ approach, we’re able to adapt to your needs, even if they should change mid-programme. We’ll serve as your trusted advisors, providing you with complete honesty and telling you what you need to hear; not what you want to hear. It’s this approach to virtual drama training that’ll ensure an enjoyable, friendly, and professional working environment for all.

And if you make sure to look after your employees, they’ll be sure to look after your customers.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss our virtual drama training solutions with one of our helpful advisors, give Steps a call today on +44 (0) 20 7403 9000. You can also lookup additional contact details by clicking on our contact page.