Theatre Led Inclusive Working Training

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Theatre Led Inclusive Working Training

Here at Steps, we’re proud of the excellent reputation we’ve built up over our many years of service. Our team are determined to deliver exceptional service to all of our clients and provide them with the skills they require to improve in the future. All of our work is tailored to the needs of you and your staff, so you can rest assured you’ll be receiving a personalised service. Continue reading to discover why we’re such a highly sought after firm, and find out what sets us apart.


Our staff have over twenty-five years of experience within the industry, making us one of the most seasoned firms available. Over time, we’ve continued to improve our services by taking on board feedback from clients. Our team are confident in their ability to help with your behavioural change goals, regardless of the nature of your business. By applying the skills we’ve learned from working with previous companies, we’re able to deliver exceptional service to our clients every time.

What We Offer

We believe that if you want to implement behavioural change, you first have to see behaviours as they are currently. The use of theatre-led learning is key in this sense as it gives employees the chance to act out and witness certain actions for themselves. These activities bring important issues to the table, such as unconscious bias and difficult behaviours that might otherwise be challenging to discuss.

For the last twenty-five years, we have continued to improve the drama-based techniques that we use for the betterment of our courses. We intend for every client to feel comfortable while working through these activities and encourage those taking part to be themselves. As there is more than one way to achieve the goals you’re aiming for, our team can be versatile in how they deliver your course.

Inclusive Working Our team believe that the use of drama can help in honest, engaging, and enjoyable ways, as it can:

  • Challenge Thinking
  • Create Debate
  • Provide Information
  • Explore Theory in Practise
  • Test Out Ideas
  • And More!

This inclusive training can be implemented in any workplace and can prove useful for a vast array of clients. Our team have learnt a lot from working with previous companies, so are confident that they can deliver a course that is suitable for your firm. As our staff thrive on conversation, we are more than happy to discuss at length the options that would be most suitable for your business.

The Benefits of Theatre-Led Learning

At Steps, we believe that there are many benefits to taking part in theatre-led inclusive working training. One of the most noteworthy advantages is that these activities prove to be far more engaging than other office-based training courses. These activities are fun to carry out and get staff thinking in a creative manner. By being more engrossed in small drama set pieces, employees are more likely to take on board the overall message, resulting in improved workplace behaviour.

Inclusive Training Another benefit of the use of drama is that it allows people to see first-hand the impact of their behaviour in the workplace. In a way, these activities hold up a mirror to employees so that they can see their actions from a different perspective. Not only does this exercise lead to staff having greater self-awareness of their behaviour, but it also allows them to see the areas for improvement. The emotional impact of these activities is necessary for employees to recognise the required changes.

Theatre-led learning is also beneficial as it can be easily adapted and understood across a range of languages, cultures, and businesses. Everyone can relate to dramatisations of workplace scenarios, especially those that are based closely around a particular company. This relatability allows our teaching methods to cross into companies that would otherwise find it challenging to implement behavioural change. Regardless of your learning style, these activities will prove to be engaging.

Having been used in Europe, Asia and the US, there’s no denying that this method is effective and engaging. The behavioural change that has been implemented on global businesses as a result of these activities is impressive. While it can be a challenging process, our team are always there to guide clients through every step. As such, it is a further benefit of this course that it is operated by our staff. The continued commitment of our team helps elevate the quality of theatre-led learning.

Why Work With Us?

Over the years, we at Steps have delivered our services to many high profile clients. Each of these endeavours has ended with excellent results that exceeded the expectations of the respective companies. Among our list of former clients are included, IBM, Tesco, Sky, and many more. Working with businesses of this stature has allowed us to improve our already exceptional services. Our work with these companies proves that we are capable of handling projects of any size.

Inclusion Training There are many benefits to working with our team. Clients that go through our courses can always expect:

  • Courteous Staff
  • Thorough Courses
  • Personalised Service
  • Noticeable Change
  • And Much More!

No one speaks more highly of our services than our past customers. Check out what our clients say by visiting the reviews section of our website. On this page, you’ll discover some of the most highly praised aspects of our service. The comments here will give you a better idea of what to expect from our team and our courses in general. Reading through this feedback is sure to give you confidence that we’re an excellent company to work with when trying to implement behaviour change.

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