Theatre Based Unconscious Bias Training

Are you looking for a coaching company that can help you reach a common understanding of diversity? Then look no further than Steps Drama! With the help of Steps Drama and our drama based learning programs, we can help you and your company learn more about diversity and inclusion and adjust unconscious bias among your colleagues. With over 30 years of experience in drama based training, we use exercises including conversation, observation, and reenactment of scenarios to teach your team about unconscious bias.     

Our unconscious bias training courses can be prepared for any number of your colleagues. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business of 10 or a large company of hundreds; Steps Drama always delivers. If you are interested in making long-lasting behavioural changes within your organisation, then all you have to do is give us a call on 02074 039 000 or send us an email at, and we will respond as soon as possible.  


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Learn About Theatre Based Unconscious Bias Training     

Diversity is a broad and expansive issue in today’s world, and recognising the degree of diversity that can be found within a single work environment is crucial to cultivating a pleasant working environment. Whether an employee or a consumer, each individual is a critical component of an organisation.   

Steps Drama’s theatre-based unconscious bias training courses can assist you in better reflecting on and responding to college and client requirements, as well as shedding light on undesired unconscious biases that may harm the workplace. More than that, we provide a unique, fun way to teach tough subjects while allowing more opportunities for fresh ideas and creativity inside your business.    

With Steps Drama and our theatre based unconscious bias training course, your organisation will be able to reflect on its current situation and how each and every single member of the organisation will take part in developing the right kind of inclusive culture. Every aspect of our theatre based unconscious bias training is focused on practical skills to achieve the best inclusive behaviour.   


What is Theatre Based Unconscious Bias Training?   

Steps Drama offers a large variety of different courses that aim to provide long-lasting positive and constructive behavioural changes. Our aim at Steps Drama is to create a healthy environment in your organisation, where all are seen as equal regardless of race, gender, or position.     

We use our theatre based unconscious bias training courses to try to completely remove such preconceptions of others by allowing your team to take a step in each other’s shoes. We take advantage of a large variety of methods, including role play, workshops, coaching, high-impact learning exercises, video and digital media, well-crafted experiences, and simulations that are all completely bespoke.   

Steps Drama works with cultural diversity and inclusions and aims to make each and every theatre-based unconscious bias training course unique to your organisational goals and needs. Theatre based unconscious bias training focuses on practical skills and knowledge that your colleagues learn by role-playing and experiencing them with their peers.  

What Does Unconscious Bias Training Involve?   

We believe that drama-based training is unsurpassed in its ability to reflect organisational reality and is especially successful in depicting the behaviours and challenges that typically hold companies back. The themes of inclusion, equality, and diversity will be highlighted via the utilisation of our theatre-based unconscious bias training course. When people become more conscious of these issues, we start the first of the four steps to change. “See it, Own it, Change it, Live it” are the four steps to change.    

We will assist you and your company grasp the principles of diversity, equality, and inclusion by making life-long behavioural changes through Steps Dramas’ theatre-based unconscious bias training. The following crucial aspects are included in our workshops, role-playing, and activities:    

  • Unconscious Bias  
  • Actionable Allyship  
  • Building an Inclusive Culture & Inclusive Leadership  
  • Bullying & Harassment Including Anti Sexual Harassment  
  • Cross-Cultural Working  
  • Inclusion in regulated environments, e.g. SMCR  
  • Microaggressions  

With our team of professionals, we will help you through each and every one of these key elements. Diversity Training Unconscious Bias will benefit your business, not only in terms of how they affect them but also in terms of how they affect your clients.  

Advantages of Unconscious Bias Training   

Our theatre-based unconscious bias training courses at Steps Drama are aimed to provide you and your entire organisation with the ability to reflect upon itself. Of course, the change will not happen overnight, but when awareness is raised upon the ideas of Diversity and Inclusion Training, it will reflect positively on your staff and towards your clients.   

Unconscious bias training helps make individuals aware that unconscious prejudice exists and helps them make efforts to lessen the possibility that bias will affect their judgments. In addition, participants in the training learn that even if they do not consciously embrace a label or a stereotype, it may have an impact on their views and behaviour 

Moreover, unconscious bias training benefits your team by helping each part of your team to become aware of one another, which means that managers will become much more aware of the diversity that lies within their team of unique individuals. As a result, they will strive to allow each individual to flourish within their diversity and form a stronger working relationship. When it comes to personnel, more contact between groups can help to reduce prejudice. Multidisciplinary or self-managed teams, as well as cross-training, all contribute to success.  

Lastly, our training will affect how your entire team approaches dealing with different customers that range in age, gender, race, possible disability, or religious background. As a result, your organisation will have no discrimination and nothing but a positive, welcoming, and inclusive atmosphere.  

Additional Drama Based Training Courses     

Steps Drama believes that drama and theatre based learning is the key to achieving true behavioural change. Other than our successful theatre based unconscious bias training courses, we also provide a large variety of different courses. Our professional team provides educational drama based courses that include:   

Each and every course is also made to fit your exact organisational needs completely. All of our courses here at Steps Drama are completely bespoke and customisable to tackle every area and requirement that you see fit for your team and employees.   

Leadership and Management Training   

Leadership and management skills necessitate a thorough understanding of one’s work environment down to the tiniest of details. In addition, leaders need to have a good understanding of their group’s or organisation’s culture and community.     

Many different leadership and management educational programs and courses focus on comparable concepts and theories such as result, outcome, and improvement method. However, the actual, implementable, and practical parts of leading and changing are often ignored and absent in virtually all of these courses.     

Steps Dramas’ leadership and management program employ the most engaging and imaginative drama-based learning and training techniques. Regardless of whether you are a single leader of a few employees or if the course is intended for a large group of manners, Steps Drama is the perfect choice for you.    

Drama Based Corporate Training   

Steps Drama offers drama based corporate training, using our highly effective and successful drama based training. With a group of highly trained and experienced professionals, we can provide you with drama based training courses to better enhance your corporation.   

Our drama based corporate training will instil a positive attitude in the workplace. This will promote interpersonal collaboration and boost employee morale. When our training is completed, the individual will be much more confident in meetings and will have a strong sense of belonging in the workplace. In addition, our inclusive training environment will make the workplace a lot better by removing anxiety, fear, and judgement.  

Why Choose us for Theatre Based Unconscious Bias Training?   

When considering the best way to introduce the topic of diversity and inclusion to your employees and company, you might consider forming a meeting or a seminar to discuss the issue. However, Steps Drama believes that the best way to eliminate unconscious bias from the workplace is by using observation and reenactment of scenarios within our theatre based unconscious bias training courses.    

The most valuable asset to any organisation or company is its people. By that, we mean both customers and employees. With our courses, we will be able to work with you to achieve a positive work environment where everyone is treated with the utmost equality and respect. The courses use a large variety of educational teaching methods that are completely bespoke! Everything is completely customisable to meet your organisation’s needs, from media that involves pictures to pre-recorded videos of scenarios to live role-play! With drama based training, you will be able to go through our four steps to change and achieve lifelong behavioural changes 

Are you looking to bring up the awareness of diversity and inclusivity within your organisation? If you are, then one of the best solutions for you is Steps Dramas’ theatre based unconscious bias training courses. Steps Drama has almost 20 years of behavioural change knowledge and experience. We began by giving practical scenarios to student doctors, and now we offer our drama based training to a large variety of different organisations within over 70 different countries.  

If you are looking for a course to cover unconscious bias in your organisation as a whole, then our theatre based unconscious bias training course is perfect for you. All of our course material and exercises are completely bespoke to suit your exact needs. If you are interested, then all you have to do is give us a call on 02074 039 000 or send us an email at to learn more about our services. 


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