Theatre Based Inclusive Leadership  

Are you looking to empower your workplace through inclusion brought about by inclusive leadership that leads to happier, more productive employees? Such changes don’t occur overnight and can often be hindered by lingering elements such as toxic attitudes and unaddressed behaviours and biases. At Steps, we introduce the mechanism for change in the form of theatre-based courses that teach about inclusion, and this can be a force for good for any business. 

Our training incorporates live and media drama with the intention of informing, encouraging debate, and introducing new ideas and ways to implement these ideas across the organisation. Our goal is to change perceptions and attitudes, from interns and apprentices to the highest senior executives. We put together bespoke training tailored to your organisation that considers the local language and culture, ensuring that ideas are conveyed concisely and effectively. To learn more about our courses, call Steps today on +44 (0) 20 7403 9000

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The Best Company for Inclusive Leadership Courses Via Theatre  

Here at Steps, we’re delighted to be considered as the number one choice for businesses seeking inclusion training. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes over the years, forging better leaders through the power of theatre-based learning. Through live and media drama, we seek to encourage debate, exploration and to inform. 

What is Theatre Based Inclusive Leadership?  

Inclusive leadership is where a leader identifies and is aware of their own preferences and biases. Leaders who remain unaware are usually less able to adapt and not as successful at extracting the fullest potential from their team. Inclusive leaders can listen to and adapt to the needs of everyone. They can seek out and consider different views and perspectives and, in turn, make decisions that are fairer and centered on inclusion. 

Such a quality can serve to make employees feel valued and heard. Employees are likely to feel happier and more motivated, confident in being able to express ideas while embracing change in return. Inclusive leadership leads to a more productive workplace free of toxic elements. At Steps, we facilitate this process through theatre-based learning. 

 Benefits of Theatre Based Training for Inclusive Leadership  

Our theatre-based leadership training programme applies high impact, engaging drama that serves as a mirror for certain behaviours and attitudes. The idea is to confront certain issues, such as unconscious bias. This isn’t an attack and is not an excuse to expose and humiliate individuals. The experience is intended to be honest, enjoyable, and engaging for all while serving as an effective tool to put behaviours and attitudes into context. 

This, in turn, helps people see and take ownership of these behaviours and attitudes. Inclusion comes about when ownership is achieved. From there, a new way of doing things can be discovered and embraced throughout the organisation. 

There are countless benefits to using theatre-based inclusion training, such as: 

  • Happier and More Engaged Staff 
  • More Confident Staff 
  • Improved Staff Retention 
  • Improved Decision Making 
  • Reduced Work-Related Issues 

Promotes a Happier Atmosphere in the Workplace  

Toxic behaviours and attitudes can make for an unpleasant working environment. This can have a myriad of knock-on effects, impacting morale, productivity, and staff retention. By creating a workplace built on inclusion, these negative behaviours and attitudes can be replaced with ones conducive to a happier atmosphere in which employees feel valued and accepted. 

Increased Staff Retention  

Employees who are happy and secure in their roles are far less likely to consider leaving. So long as a person’s needs are met, and they feel valued, they are likely to remain with a company for many years, even indefinitely. Employees also won’t feel forced to leave because of mistreatment at the hands of fellow employees or even members of management. 

Encourages Teamwork and Critical Thinking  

Through theatre-based inclusion training, inclusive leaders are forged. Such leaders are more attuned to different ideas and perspectives. They know how to extract the fullest potential from each person and how to promote teamwork and critical thinking. Fresh input can only make the team stronger and allow for more informed decision making. Plus, employees are more likely to be receptive to change and new ways of doing things if they feel like they are valued and heard.

Increases Confidence in Both Employer and Employee

Our training increases confidence in both the employer and employee. Inclusion makes it easier for employees to feel like they can express ideas or present feedback, or speak up with issues they might be experiencing. Conversely, employers can feel confident that changes will be readily accepted and implemented. 

It’s Fun  

This might sound rather dull, but the training we offer is designed to be fun and engaging! We’ve found that theatre-based training is far more effective at conveying ideas and making them stick than long, laborious classroom-based training courses. 

Why Choose Steps Drama for Inclusive Leadership Training?  

Steps are one of the leading providers of high-quality inclusive leadership training, thanks to our outstanding drama-led focus. This is worlds apart from classroom-based training, where results often vary. But that’s not the only reason Steps should be your first choice. 

Experienced and Highly Qualified Coaches  

Our inclusion programmes are delivered by experienced, fully qualified coaches. Our coaches are drawn from a wealth of backgrounds; some are even professional actors. It’s this rich and diverse pool of talent that enables us to tailor the training that we provide. 

We’re a Global Consultancy  

Steps maintains a global presence cover 70+ locations worldwide. Our programmes can be adapted for different cultures and translated into different languages. 

Our Training is Bespoke and Tailored to Each Client  

Our inclusion training is entirely bespoke with programmes tailored to any organisation, from small companies with a dozen or so employees to large international enterprises. 

Our Coaches are Very Diversified

Our pool of coaches is diverse too, as mentioned above, we draw our coaches from a wide range of backgrounds and occupations. So long as coaches are excellent role-players and possess a passion for what we do here at Steps, anyone is welcome to join. We have an audition process to ensure we’re hiring the best people for the job. 

We Have Worked with Some of The Biggest Clients

We work with some of the biggest clients; you can see these listed on our website like IBM. 

Contact Us  

If you’re looking to learn more about inclusive leadership training, the best way is to get in touch with the team at Steps. We’d be more than delighted to answer any questions you may have. If you’d like to request our drama-based training for your workplace, we’d be happy to discuss options with you. Our programmes make for inclusive leaders, and inclusive leaders are shown to be more effective at coaxing the best performance out of your employees.  

We also offer programmes for employees working at other levels within your organisation, from interns and apprentices to the highest echelons of upper management. We can help instigate positive change through theatre from the top of your organisation all the way to the bottom. This helps to create a culture that’s lived by everyone. To find out how you can improve inclusion in your workplace, call Steps today on +44 (0) 20 7403 9000, fill out our contact form or email 

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