Theatre Based Ethical Working Practice Workshops

At STEPS Drama, we’re passionate about transformation. With a diverse team of professionals possessing a wealth of skills and experience, we excel in delivering innovative, interactive drama-based workshops. Our global reach means we tailor our practices to various languages and cultures. Through our unique Steps to Change methodology, we aim to inspire real behavioural change in workplaces. Call +44 (0) 20 7403 9000 to get started.

The Best Provider of Theatre-Based Training

In the dynamic world of contemporary business, fostering an ethical and socially responsible workplace is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a necessity. That’s where theatre-based ethical working practice workshops come into play.

Imagine your team stepping into a world of role-play and immersive experiences, where they can explore complex ethical dilemmas in a safe and controlled environment. These workshops provide a unique opportunity for your employees to engage, reflect, and learn, not through traditional lectures but by actively participating in thought-provoking scenarios.

Consider the impact of enhanced communication, empathy, and ethical decision-making skills within your organisation. Dive into the world of theatre-based ethical working practice workshops and unlock a new dimension of growth and ethical excellence for your business.

Who Are These Interactive Drama-Based Workshops Aimed At?

These workshops are tailored for a wide spectrum of professionals and organisations, including:

  • Corporate Teams: Enhancing ethical decision-making and teamwork.
  • Managers and Leaders: Developing ethical leadership skills.
  • Human Resources: Improving conflict resolution and ethical HR practices.
  • Sales and Marketing: Ethical customer engagement and messaging.
  • Healthcare Professionals: Ethical patient care and decision-making.
  • Legal and Compliance Personnel: Navigating complex legal and ethical issues.
  • Educators: Promoting ethics in educational settings.
  • Non-profit and NGO Staff: Upholding ethical values in mission-driven work.
  • Government and Public Sector: Ethical governance and public service.

These workshops are adaptable to various industries, making them a valuable resource for anyone striving to promote ethical conduct in their work.

How Can Our Talented Actors Help Deliver Your Goals?

At STEPS Drama, we centre our work on high-impact, engaging drama. Our drama-based techniques, honed over 25+ years, are a potent tool for behavioural change. Through our Steps to Change (See It, Own It, Change It, Live It) approach, we first make participants “See” current behaviours, encouraging critical thinking and active problem-solving.

We “Hold up a mirror,” enabling honest self-reflection, and our drama packs an emotional “punch,” creating lasting impact. Our methods accommodate all learning styles and cultures, promoting authenticity and change without discomfort. Whether through a consistent team or local teams, we tailor our approach to meet your needs, sparking engaging conversations and transformation.

Why Should You Come to STEPS Drama?

Choose STEPS Drama for an unparalleled learning experience. Our team comprises professional actors with extensive expertise. We believe in the transformative power of people and the skills of our actors, and our diverse group of professionals offers a unique blend of talent and knowledge.

Our drama-based workshops engage and challenge participants, fostering authentic learning and driving behavioural change. We’re passionate about equipping people with the tools to thrive in their professional lives. Select STEPS Drama for innovative, interactive, and impactful learning that empowers individuals and organisations alike. Take the first step by contacting us today.

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