Spotlight on: Steps Virtual Skills Practice

26 February 2021

Throughout this week, we’ve been sharing details of a technique which has always been one of our key offerings – skills practice. Sometimes known as role play, Steps Skills Practice gives participants the opportunity to practice conversations and put new skills into action. In case you missed it, here’s a look back at what we shared last week…

What is Steps Skills Practice?

We tasked Pierre with taking us through Steps Skills Practice – how it works, the benefits and the options available to ensure the best value for participants. 

The 5 Benefits to Virtual Skills Practice

Over the last year, we’ve found that there’s often an assumption that virtual skills practice won’t be as effective as in person.  Gary and Anna share how we’ve found that virtual can actually be more impactful – and the 5 benefits it can bring. Click here to read their blog.

Talking Steps Virtual Skills Practice

Facilitator and Coach Sian spoke to Pierre about her experiences of Steps Virtual Skills Practice, and how the ‘new normal’ changed things for both facilitators and participants – and how in her experience ‘working online has a much more casual, relaxed feeling and  improves the learning’.

So, what’s next?

We’ve spoken a lot over the past few weeks about our experiences of virtual learning, and the new normal. But what about the experiences of our clients? Next week, we launch ‘Steps in Conversation with…’, a series of audio conversations with Steps colleagues talking to some key clients about some of this issues affecting them – starting with a series on their challenges in the virtual world. Click here to give them a listen…

If you want to know more about our virtual sessions, including a more in-depth video about the Virtual Sessions, take a look at our Virtual & Hybrid Experiences page.