Spotlight on: Steps Virtual Learning Sessions

5 February 2021

Throughout this week, we’ve been sharing details of our virtual sessions – how we’ve worked hard to move from live to virtual delivery since last March, the effect it’s had and the top tips we’ve picked up along the way….

What does a Steps Virtual Session look like?

As virtual learning continues to be the norm, we’ve worked hard to make our live-virtual sessions as engaging and interactive as our in-person sessions – making sure that learning stays social and with discussion encouraged. But don’t take our word for it – take a look at a quick run through…

Virtual Session Evaluation Data

It’s all very well running a great session – but what does it achieve? We’re proud that our virtual sessions have been achieving tangible results – so we created a short video to share them…

Top Considerations for a Virtual Session

After many months of creating virtual sessions, we’ve learnt a few things on what makes them successful – and put together our list of top considerations to make the best of virtual learning. Click here to read the full article…

So, what’s next?

As the New Normal became less ‘new’ and more ‘normal’ it got us thinking about how we could make our virtual sessions more like our live sessions – combining our knowledge of live learning delivery with our filming capabilities… and so the Steps Virtual Studio was born. Find out more over the next week (or for a sneak peak, check out the video here…).

If you want to know more about our virtual sessions, including a more in-depth video about the Virtual Sessions, take a look at our Virtual & Hybrid Experiences page.