Steps US & Brown-Forman: Lead Better Case Study

1 March 2023



How do you create an inclusive leadership program that inspires your population to lead with Curiosity, Humility, and Courage? How do you make it scalable for over 5,200 employees?

And most importantly, how do you inspire people to simply just Do Better?


Over the past two years members of our Steps US team have partnered with Brown-Forman, in Louisville, KY, to explore these questions to create an engaging, interactive, and scalable solution that inspires all at Brown-Forman to Lead Better.


To make it all happen the Steps US team set out to design three phases of content. First, a series of live interactive virtual workshops with the Brown-Forman leadership. Second, self-led learning modules that highlight the lived experience of employees across Brown-Forman, in N. America and across the globe, that challenge the leadership to practice their inclusive leadership capabilities through scenario-based learning.

And the third phase, launching later in 2023, will provide all of Brown-Forman’s population with the chance to engage in the content so that they can all Do Better.


To find out more about the program – check out the full case study here.




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