Spotlight on: Steps Digital Learning

18 February 2021

This week, we’ve focussed in on Steps Digital Learning – what makes us different from traditional e-learning, and how we keep that interactivity which makes Steps so unique!

What does Steps Digital Learning look like?

With the shift to remote learning, our digital learning offering has grown and evolved to best support our clients’ learning and change programmes. Project & Design Partner Charlotte gives us a quick run through.

Experience Steps Digital Learning

We’ve used Articulate Rise to create our rapid e-learning piece Looking at Steps Digital Learning: Steps to Change. Click here or on the image below to see and experience our engaging approach to digital learning – and learn more about our Steps to Change Methodology at the same time!

But what makes it different?

What makes Steps Digital Learning different? Whether we are delivering live, live virtual events, or creating an e-learning package our focus is always on how we engage the participant in this conversation – Sarah-Jane explains  how we do this – from Steps to Change to human interaction. Click here to read her blog.

So, what’s next?

Skills practice (sometimes known as role-play) has always been a key part of our offering at Steps, as it gives participants the chance to practice difficult conversations or new skills. And that hasn’t changed in the virtual world! Next week, we put the focus on Steps Skills Practice and how it works in the ‘new normal’ – click here for a sneak peak at what’s to come…

If you want to know more about our virtual offerings, then take a look at our Virtual & Hybrid Experiences page.