Tivarni James-Clarke

Project & Design Partner


Joining Steps in January 2022, Tivarni has thoroughly enjoyed being part of a company that is all about positive change in the working environment. She is active about making a change for the future generations to come and has a strong passion for race and diversity equality in all areas of society.

Receiving a degree in Fashion photography from London College of Fashion she has a long history and strong passion in the visual creative world, building great connections and living the childhood dreams over the years,

When Tivarni isn’t at work you’ll find her making memories with loved ones, creating Pinterest mood boards and being a foodie.


About Tivarni James-Clarke

What was your first pet?

I had the typical first pet…goldfish. There were two and I named them Fishy and Lishy. When it was time for them to pass on I held a very heartfelt funeral (aka flushing)

If I could have a superpower it’d be…

...to fly. I like to travel and flying would make that a lot easier and cheaper! I will not be taking any follow up questions on how I would get 20kg of luggage to said destination!

Best Holiday?

Thailand, hands down the best holiday from food to fun and the weather was glorious.