Sean Wilton

Sean trained and worked as a professional actor in theatre and on tv and film primarily for fifteen years, before moving sideways and taking the same skills into communication skills coaching. He’s worked with Steps as an Associate for north of 20 years, and now works as a Lead Facilitator & Actor in both the public and private sector, along with his design roles.
Over the past ten years, Sean has moved further sideways into a design and writing role -which he loves. He’s designed programmes for bus drivers to Paralympic athletes to Senior execs to first level graduates, on topics such as Presentation/Communication/Influencing Skills, Diversity & Inclusion and Mental Health. As well as designing live programmes, he has also written extensively for Steps’ media work, which is a real passion - with the constant quest for how you can still push the format to still hit the learning objectives, whilst being engaging, thought-provoking and different.


About Sean Wilton

What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was in secondary school, I wanted to be a solicitor (I really meant a ‘barrister’), but at the school careers fair when I was 13, I stood up in a public forum, when asked what I wanted to do, and I announced to the hall that ‘I want to solicit’. I couldn’t understand why everyone was laughing, and why my mother whispered ‘sit down’…

What are you passionate about?

Creating order from chaos. There’s something totally cathartic about looking at a desk or desktop with lots of research, lots of disparate facts, lots of ideas – and then bringing them together and creating a design that tells a story and takes people on a journey.

Favourite TV programme

Ru Paul’s Drag Race (all territories). Such a brilliant and positive celebration of being ‘different’ and the LGBTQ+ community.