Sean Patrick Judge

Seán has been working as an actor for the majority of his life, starting in 2nd grade and a musical about Thomas Edison called ""The Electric Sunshine Man""...he's still singing the main theme song to this day.
He has worked in drama-based learning and development for over twenty years, as well as continuing to work as a freelance training professional, working extensively in the design and delivery of f performance management and difficult conversations programmes, as well as the delicate field of working with the bereaved. Seán’s work has principally involved a focus on fostering a cooperative culture through developing skills and confidence in the use of engagement and coaching techniques within a management context, and has been carried out both in the training room and on-site in a work-face environment. Throughout his years as a facilitator, Seán has worked in many areas of training, including transactional analysis, coaching development and delivering feedback, and on topics such as Diversity and Inclusion and creating an inclusive culture. He is motivated by developing others to unlock their full potential and build confidence.
Outside of learning and development, Seán is an actor. He has worked with theatre companies across Chicago, New York and more recently in Houston, where he lives and works today.


About Sean Patrick Judge

If I could live anywhere in the world it would be…

Somewhere right near the ocean, like Hawaii. I truly believe I was a merman in a previous life.

What book did you last read?

Under the Ivy: The Life and Music of Kate Bush. I just love her.

Favourite film(s)?

That's a toss-up depending on my mood. If I want deep, heart-filled stuff, I love The Fountain by Darren Aronofsky. For a full bodied laugh fest: Airplane! by the Zucker Brothers.