Sarah-Jane Georges

Client Relationship Director

Sarah-Jane has worked as Client Relationship Director for Steps for 3 years and manages a variety of different clients, including Transport for London's safer driving programme for all London Bus Drivers, which is due to complete December 2021, as well as Grosvenor, Network Rail, and the College of Policing.

Before joining Steps, Sarah-Jane worked for 18 years in a consultancy role for various learning and development-training providers. She is passionate about designing and delivering high impact experiential learning that is both exciting and results focused

Sarah-Jane has run extensive behavioural change programmes across many industry sectors - clients include: Marks and Spencer, Visa Europe, Jaguar Land Rover, Virgin Media, British Gas and Directv (Pan Americana). Her focus and passion is in helping individuals develop the confidence, insight and skills needed to ensure that they achieve results. She is able to engage with people at all levels within an organisation in order to develop appropriate learning and development solutions, to fulfil a business need.

When not at work Sarah-Jane can often be found exploring the great outdoors or providing a taxi service for her twin daughters.


About Sarah-Jane Georges

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A flying trapeze artist, although my fear of heights soon thwarted that ambition but it is still on my bucket list.

What are you passionate about?

Food, exercise and great company - preferably all at the same time.

What book did you last read?

Middle England by Jonathan Coe - a very interesting read that explores the backdrop to Brexit (not wanting to get political). The book revises some much loved characters from The Rotters Club.