Robbie Swales

Founder Director

Robbie is a founder director of Steps and a leading authority on the use of drama for development and behavioural change. He has designed and delivered creative learning programmes for clients including Disney, GlaxoSmithKline, HM Treasury, Ofcom and the General Medical Council. Robbie is passionate about addressing diversity and inclusion, and he also has a breadth of experience in facilitating change across NHS settings. He is currently leading Steps India, delivering work for clients there including HSBC, Amex, Accenture and Goldman Sachs.

Robbie has a degree in Education and Training from Greenwich University and an MSc in People and Organisational Development from Roffey Park Management Institute. In 2006 he was elected a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for his contribution towards the development of drama based training in the UK.


About Robbie Swales

What could you not live without?

Knitting needles and wool.

First pet?

A Hamster called Butterball (I used to tell visiting grown-ups “I wanted to call him Margarine Square, but decided in the end that Butterball had a better ring to it”).

Most impulsive decision?

Helen (my wife of thirty five years) and I decided on a Sunday we should be married. We married five days later on the Friday.