Rahul Prabhakar

Senior Manager - Client Relations, India


Rahul was born and raised in Kuwait, and is what he calls a global cocktail baby – global as he has cousins, and extended family who have better halves hailing from various corners of the globe, and cocktail baby because his father is Mangalorean (City Mangalore, State Karnataka) from South India and his mother was born and raised in Iran is a Gujarati. He lives in Mumbai with his wife, Reeha who is half Parsi and half Bengali - you could say they are a cocktail couple.

Having started his career in sales, he did a post-graduate qualification in finance with a specialisation in marketing. He always was inclined towards the world of public relations, but it was sales and business development that interested him the most - and as he also wanted to help people, he saw HR to be the right fit. He joined Steps in 2021, to combine his passion for HR, his interest in acting and desire to make a difference and help change people’s lives.

In his spare time, Rahul enjoys watching movies, cycling and listening to books on Audible - especially science fiction and Marvel, Star Wars, Disney and DC. He loves technology and tries to dabble in the latest trends – doing research to make sure he gets the best solution!


About Rahul Prabhakar

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A doctor

What is your most impulsive decision?

There are many but the most memorable is when I booked a bungee jumping ticket for my wife before we went to South Africa, because she said she always wanted to bungee jump!

If I were an animal I’d be…

A horse