Rafique Hassan

Finance Manager


Rafique gained a BA (Admin) from the University of Mauritius and worked for 8 years in the Finance division of a government-run housing authority before moving to the UK. He has since held positions of bookkeeper/accountant within the print industry and ran his own print brokering company for 2 years. He holds a Higher Stage Accounting qualification, awarded by the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry and has studied accountancy with the Association of Certified Accountants. Rafique joined Steps in 2007 and is responsible for managing the Finance Department.

When not at work, Rafique enjoys watching films, playing badminton and following professional tennis, golf and football (especially his beloved Arsenal!).


About Rafique Hassan

What’s your favourite film?

The Message. This film is about the rise of Islam and has had a big influence in my understanding of the religion.

Best holiday/holiday recommendation?

Florida. I loved it for the weather, entertainment and good food.

If I won the lottery I would…

Devote myself to doing charity work worldwide to alleviate the hunger and misery people are going through.