Prajakta Gatane

Assistant Manager Client Services - India

Prajakta Gatane comes from the aviation industry in which she spent the first 12 years of her career learning customer service along with the intricacies of airport operations. She moved from the high paced industry in 2019 to focus on personal growth and learning and found a home in Steps that very year.

While she has always prided herself as being a feminist at heart, being with Steps rekindled her desire for celebrating diversity and embracing and promoting inclusivity. So much so that she spends her spare time teaching it to any and all who will listen to her (mostly her husband Gaurav and daughter Meera).


About Prajakta Gatane

What film did you last see?

Avengers Endgame. Man, I knew Captain America was worthy of picking up Mjolnir!

What could you not live without?

My daily morning tea. Handed to me in bed. By my dear husband

If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be…

New Zealand. Any country that has a female prime minister - that place sounds like the perfect place to live.