Pooja Middleton

Initially a TV and film actor, Pooja found her true passion is helping people to realise their full potential to be the best they can be in their chosen field. Pooja has veen working as a business actor, facilitator, role-player and coach for many years and with participants from all levels - from shop floor through to board - and across a variety of public and private sectors.
She has been working with Steps since 2007, firstly as an actor facilitator, and later developing to become a lead facilitator. Since 2020 she has been developing and designing programes as part of the Steps team, being involved in the research and writing several scripts for use in and also live programmes on topics such as Unconcious Bias, microagressions and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Pooja is a skilled facilitatior, using Learning and development models such as GROW, SBI, Johari Window and Insights in her work - both in-person and, more recently, in virtual programmes.
When she's not working Pooja enjoys spending time with her DOP husband Will, their two young children and their newest additons to the family - their kittens Oreo and Biscoff.


About Pooja Middleton

What book did you last read?

A street cat named Bob (in the middle of it currently) I got a couple of kittens recently so am currently obsessed with all things cat related.

What film did you last see?

Parasite. It was really good. Totally understand why it won so many awards!

Most extravagant purchase?

I had a pretty woman moment years ago and went into a really posh shoe shop. The staff looked at me as if I couldn’t afford anything so to prove a point I bought a £400 pair of boots. They were unbelievably painful to wear so I wore them twice and then gave them to a charity shop! And they were right, I probably couldn’t afford them.