Liz Jones

USA Country Head

Liz finally officially joined Steps in January 2018. Her association with them goes back some 18 years and she has been inspired and energized by the work ever since. As a former client Liz spent most of her working life in Pfizer both in the UK and for 5 years in New York. She has worked in Sales, Marketing, Training, Management Development and finally found her sweet spot in HR and Organizational Development. She enjoys working with leaders to figure out how do you achieve your business goals through people. She loves to travel and has worked or visited some 35 countries and has recently discovered Africa.

Since leaving Pfizer as an independent consultant Liz has undertaken projects in innovation, executive coaching, HR and leadership development and most recently as an interim CEO in Ghana for 9 months. Her definition of a great life is work hard, play hard and there is nothing finer than fish tacos and a glass of chardonnay. Liz and her husband now live in California, her British roots show through with a constant supply of “proper tea” delivered by the English Tea Company.

She is passionate about many things but making sure everyone has access to enough decent food and the medicines they need are top of the list. She is inspired by Nelson Mandela and if she could have a super power it would be to make more time .

Liz has an MBA from Strathclyde University and a Certificate in Effective Organizations from USC in Los Angeles.


About Liz Jones

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I knew from an early age I wanted to change the world...and that it was possible. I still believe it is. And then I found drama in high school and thought wow the lights the fame the glory. Then I became a scientist which was a bit like being a detective figuring out how to cure stuff. HR? One of my old bosses said I should go into politics – President 2024? So clearly I have no idea and probably haven’t grown up either.

What could you not you live without?

I cant live without tea and proper English tea blended and in a proper pot, boiling water and with a strainer and milk first ... just saying

If I could be someone for a day I'd be...

Amal Clooney because she rocks and you get to go home to George!