Javier Rasero

"Javier strongly believes in participating and making sessions interactive as a great tool for successful learning.
Having worked in the airline management industry and HR departments for over 15 years, Javier has been able to include his experience in those fields into his other passions which are training and people behaviour. Using drama based training is a great tool to make programmes effective, dynamic and of course, fun! Javier has been part of the STEPS family since 2016 and during this time, he has been involved in many projects as Actor and Facilitator in both English and Spanish; completing programmes for a variety of companies, from the financial industry to the national health service. He has also translated some of our projects for the Spanish/Latin American markets and helped with many training videos in D&I subjects.
Javier started his acting years as a teenager in Spain, completing his Drama studies in the UK. Since graduating he has worked primarily on stage, in productions at The National Theatre and The Royal Court, toured immersive social plays in Ireland and participated in various years at The Edinburgh Fringe to sold-out shows.
When Javier is off, he loves travelling, food and cooking. And if he is in a cookery course on holiday and eating his creations afterwards, he's in heaven!"


About Javier Rasero

If I could live anywhere in the world it would be…

Cadiz, Spain. It has the perfect combination of climate, sea, mountains, great food and lovely people; definitely I will retire there.

Earliest Memory?

It would probably be in my grandmother's kitchen with my family surrounded by laughs and food. Probably why food is so important for me; tastes, smells, sounds, they all bring up lovely memories.

Most impulsive decision?

Moving to Berlin in 2004 without ever having visited Germany! The whole experience ended up being incredible and I spent 3 of my happiest years in that wonderful city. Sometimes you just need to follow your instinct!