Gaynor Smith

Project and Design Manager

Gaynor is a Theatre Practitioner, Facilitator, Project Manager and Youth Worker who has a heart for creating dialogue and understanding between people. Having fallen in love with Forum Theatre in 2009, she remains endlessly fascinated by the power of this approach to enliven debate, make the invisible seen, and create positive change in people and systems.

Gaynor worked for the British Red Cross for over a decade, leading education and youth engagement programmes and designing educational resources using drama. She was deployed to deliver ‘train-the-trainer’ projects internationally, as well as offering CPD to teachers in the U.K. Her interest in these topics led to her undertaking MA modules in Training for Development Education and Children's Rights in Practice. She has lived and worked in both Burkina Faso and Mexico, speaks French and Spanish and is skilled at working cross culturally.

In addition to her work at Steps, she freelances to facilitate drama projects with community groups of people who have shared experiences, such as mental illness, homelessness and addiction. The projects aim to foster a sense of belonging, self-esteem and self-expression.

Gaynor runs Rehearse the Revolution in London; an informal and friendly collective of people, who are interested in playing with Forum Theatre and using applied theatre for social change. The group is open to everyone, with or without prior experience.

In her spare time, Gaynor enjoys playing guitar, salsa dancing, wild swimming and art galleries.


About Gaynor Smith

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Who inspires you?

Anyone who keeps going, in spite of personal or structural challenges to their existence. Anyone who keeps striving to make a positive change in the lives of others and the world

What you wish you could invent / change?

World peace and eradication of world hunger, universal access to drinking water, homes for everyone