Gary Bates

Client Relationship Director

Gary joined Steps in 2004. He is passionate about using drama and the skills of professional actors to fundamentally shift people’s mindsets and inspire real behavioural change. In addition to being a highly skilled designer of learning programmes, Gary is also an engaging facilitator and actor. He has designed and led programmes across the globe for a wide range of organisations including Rolls Royce, Vodafone, Sky, Parliament UK, Network Rail, Ernst & Young, European Bank for Reconstruction & Development, Council of Europe, Linklaters, RNLI, Southern Housing Group and The Co-operative Group, helping them to embed key values and behaviours.

Gary is a graduate of Rose Bruford College and worked as a freelance actor/director for 15 years prior to joining Steps. He believes that a well-stocked biscuit tin is the key to winning friends and influencing people – take full advantage when you come to visit!


About Gary Bates

Most embarrassing moment?

Leaning nonchalantly against a bus shelter and falling backwards right through it as there was no glass!

Lifetime ambition?

To make it to the end...

Most impulsive decision?

Deciding to go to drama school instead of uni – my maths and physics teachers never forgave me!