Elisa Criado

Client Relationship Director


Elisa’s personal and professional motto is “Sharing stories, making change”.

After completing her research into the power of narrative for her Master of Science degree in Clinical Psychology, she attended drama school and worked as an actor, writer and director for a number of years. In that time she also wrote for the Independent and created theatre shows based on interview material, with an eye to inspiring behaviour change around gender equality.

She joined Bluehat Group’s Learning & Development team as their Lead Facilitator in January 2015. There she honed her coaching skills and designed and delivered creative solutions for clients across a range of industries, before finding her “true professional love match” in Steps in 2016.

She has designed, written and managed learning projects for clients in both the public and private sector, including ING, Generali and Adyen.


About Elisa Criado

Proudest Achievement?

Surviving the first year of parenthood with my twin girls! I actually believe there are a lot of transferrable skills from parenting which businesses profit from. Coping in a world of constant change is one of them, and of course being able to do 105 things at once.

What are you passionate about?

Gender equality. I don’t think you can be passionate about any kind of equality without caring deeply about all forms of equality, but gender is close to my heart. Women make up over 50 per cent of the population and yet are classed in many ways as a minority. That fascinates, worries and inspires me daily in my work.

Who do you admire?

Those who speak up against injustices despite it involving personal risks, who pave the way for behaviour change.