Courtney McClellan

Project & Design Manager

Courtney is a New York-based, multi-disciplinary artist and creator, who seeks equitable representation and compensation in all aspects of her work, learning, and art.

She began working with Steps as an Associate in March of 2021 and joined the in-house US team as a Project &Design Manager later that June. She received her graduate training from the Masters in Applied Theatre Program with the City University of New York. Her undergraduate degree is in Broadcast Communications from Hampton University in Virginia. She is a proud HBCU alum.

She has a wide range of interests and skills which she’s excited bring to her work at Steps, including Theatre of the Oppressed, Forum & Role Play, Theatre in Education, DE&I, Cultural Responsiveness, Trauma-Informed Practice, & Organizational Storytelling, Equity & Assessment/Evaluation, and Community-Building.


About Courtney McClellan

What was your first pet?

My first pet was a calico rescue cat named Nina. She was incredibly skittish, but also opinionated, especially when it came to my flute-playing. My mother called her a nuisance...I like to think she was 'misunderstood.'

Claim to fame?

My fifteen minutes of fame came in undergrad, when I traveled across the US to compete in and win a series of pageants. I still have the crowns, sashes, scepters, and trophies in a closet at my parent's home. Ha!

What album did you last listen to?

Kendrick Lamar's Album, DAMN has been heavy in rotation on my Spotify.