Beth Partington

Project & Design Partner

Beth holds a degree in Drama and English literature from the University of Birmingham. Since graduating, she has interned in producing roles with Kaye Winwood Projects, a company blending sensory design and gastronomy, and at Arcola Theatre in London. She has a keen interest in inclusive arts, which she has pursued as a practitioner with Angel Shed Inclusive theatre company and when volunteering at film festivals in Birmingham and London.

Having focused on BSL integrated theatre during studying, Beth has an interest in increasing opportunities for D/deaf and Disabled people in all areas of society. She is excited to be part of an organisation designed to create behavioural change and with diversity at its core.

When Beth isn’t working, she can often be found visiting London’s galleries and stopping off at various veggie food spots.


About Beth Partington

What book did you last read?

Charles Spence’s ‘Gastrophysics’. It’s a great read about the multi-sensory science behind how we experience food and flavour. Did you know, adding a pinkish-red colour will make you think your food tastes sweeter?

Most impulsive decision?

Booking a trip to East Asia for 6 weeks. I had the time of my life and hope to book another spontaneous trip somewhere soon.

Darkest Hour/Most embarrassing moment?

I once dropped my brand-new phone into a boiling cup of coffee. It’s become a running joke in my family to make me a drink and place it a few meters away for safety.