Ariel Green

Project & Design Partner

Ariel is from the Washington DC Metropolitan area. She has spent most of her life involved in the performing arts. Anything creative from putting on home “productions” with her family, learning the clarinet, singing and dancing in school theatre plays, and being part of a HBCU marching band danceline have been some of her happiest moments.

After receiving her BS in pre-professional physical therapy, Ariel joined the US Navy as a medical assistant. Serving almost six years, she grew a passion for being a listening ear and comfort to the patients she served. Following her service, Ariel began her journey to completing her MA in Arts Management while welcoming in her first child.

Being part of the many women with a late diagnosis of ADD, Ariel has become very passionate about the intersection of arts and health and how arts participation positively affects our mental and overall wellbeing. Outside of Steps, Ariel can be found spending time at home with her husband and daughter, slowly making her way to becoming a romantasy bookworm, singing her favorite ballads LOUDLY in the car, waiting patiently for classic Disney trivia challenges, and never missing the opportunity to do or learn every line dance at a party. If the electric slide is playing, you will find her there.


About Ariel Green

If I could have a super power it’d be

Teleportation to avoid flying to all my dream destinations.

Proudest Achievement?

Simultaneously finishing graduate school, completing a year-long internship, and raising an infant. I realized I could do anything I set my mind to with the help of my village.

Favourite icecream flavour?

The current standing is oatmilk oreocookie SPECIFICALLY from Bruster’s.