Anna Cohen

Project & Design Partner

Anna studied Drama at De Montfort University and left with a great love for Shakespeare and writing for performance. Since then, she has explored this love by volunteering at The Globe theatre, running a Shakespeare focused Drama club for Primary aged children and then working within Theatre in Education. Although not being actively involved in the drama with TIE, Anna loved seeing how Drama can be used to educate children in a different and enlightening way and feels this has led on well to working for Steps; discovering how adults respond to the use of drama within learning.

Outside of work, Anna is a singer under the stage name ‘Anna Aarons’ and has sung on all stages from the busking pitches of the London Underground to Pizza Express’ main music venue in Central London. She enjoys managing her band of talented musicians as well as writing her own songs (which can be found on all your favourite listening platforms!) Beside singing and working with drama, to relax, Anna enjoys watching a lot of TV and eating pizza.


About Anna Cohen

What film did you last see?

Bohemian Rhapsody. I grew up listening to Queen due to my mum being a big Freddie fan so I cried all the way through the ending!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A check out girl. Quite pleased that that dream has been realised now thanks to self check out!

Claim to fame?

I met Barack Obama’s brother when working at The Curve theatre where they’d put on a play about his life.