Allen Liedkie

Head of Business Development, USA

Allen booked his first acting gig at the age of six when he landed the coveted lead role as the Church Mouse in the highly praised (at least by his family) 1986 production of A Christmas Story. It was a defining role, not only in his local church’s history, but for his life. He continued to pursue drama in all facets of his life and education receiving his B.A. in Theatre from Austin College in Texas and continuing on to get his M.A. in Acting from East 15 School of Acting in London. Allen has had a successful career in film, television, radio, theatre as well as drama based training for learning and development.

Allen believes that providing people with the challenge to change their behaviour through the use drama and role play is the most powerful tool for personal development and organisational growth. His area of expertise is the Power of a Positive Mindset and his passion is enabling people and businesses to understand that by simply focusing on the positive they will create success. He is based in the US, leads on Business Development for Steps US and has worked globally on a large number of projects from inception to delivery. He is thrilled to be a part of this brilliantly creative organisation that is leading the way in creative consultancy.


About Allen Liedkie

Favourite Book & Film?

Jurassic Park – both the book and film are my favourite. Both the book and the film vividly captured my imagination and made me realise that the power of both storytelling and film making have to whisk you away from reality and immerse you in another world.

What Inspires You?

A night sky painted with a bright full moon and billions of galaxies to gaze at in awe and wonder. An awesome reminder that we are just a speck in a vast universe full of potential, possibility and the power to realise any reality we desire.

Lifetime Ambition?

To be in a 90’s style rap video as a geeky nerd serving made dance skills on the hood of a Bentley.