Alexia Della Valle

Client Relationship Director

Alexia has been a learning consultant for over 10 years, working with clients to design and deliver behaviour change programmes for employees using drama-based learning techniques. She has worked with a number of different clients, across the globe on a wide range of subjects - including Diversity & Inclusion, Management Development and Ethics designing live (face-to-face and virtual) and e-learning programmes. She also brings in her experience of working in Graduate Recruitment for a Global Bank when designing and leading workshops specifically designed for Graduate populations. She has a particular interest in developing innovative programmes that achieve long term behavioural change using our Steps to Change approach. Her current clients include, amongst others, King, Generali, Nomura and BP.

Alexia is interested in working with inspiring people who will truly try and understand the learners needs and bring the collective creativity and knowledge they have as a team, to the table.

She works between London and Milan and is waiting for the time when she can start planning another hiking trip somewhere – for now it’s all about completing puzzles instead of trails!


About Alexia Della Valle

What book did you last read?

I’ve just finished two amazing books – Why we sleep by Matthew Walker and Homos Deus: A brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari. Both incredibly insightful in different ways and I find myself returning to read bits of them again and again...

Best holiday/holiday recommendation?

Oh gosh this is a tough question – I am going to have to go with some of my recent trips as it’s too hard to choose. For now I am going to say Patagonia and Namibia. Both really give you chance to connect with nature, switch off from our busy lives and explore endless landscapes.

First pet?

I’ve always had German Shepherds – Sally (the official first), Lupo, Nikki, Cleopatra. After Cleo passed away we took a break but it’s been two years now and we are missing having a dog so, fresh of the press, we’ve decided to get a puppy this Christmas! Shaking things up and going for a Golden Retriever this time. I know you asked me about my first pet and I’ve given you the whole run down of my dogs but in my defence, this will be my daughter’s first pet so I think it’s ok!