Alba Pedrini

Project & Design Manager

Alba has over ten years of experience in project management and over five years of experience creating content and designing learning solutions.

Working with global clients on medium to large-scale projects, she brings to the table a fastidious attention to detail, a creative approach to problem-solving and a pathological love for colour coding.
After starting her career as a project manager and producer in the arts and performing arts sector, Alba decided to take a year off to begin a Masters in Colour Design and Technology at Milan Polytechnic, which equipped her with a thorough understanding of the mechanics behind human perception and the tricks played by our brains.

Born in Bergamo, Italy, Alba spent her 20s studying and working across the country and ended up living in over 10 different Italian cities before moving to London in 2016, where she still lives – for now…
Outside of work, Alba has a passion for sewing - inherited from her mother - and is normally busy experimenting with patterns and unusual fabrics. She’s also an avid explorer of cemeteries.


About Alba Pedrini

What book did you last read?

Still life by Sarah Winman. Having lived in Florence for a couple of years, it was a joy joining the characters in a walk along the streets of a city I used to call home.

What is your proudest achievement?

Following the path outlined by my incredibly talented mother and learning how to sew.

What inspires you?

The perfect combination of talent and passion.