Adegboyega Awokoya

Project Support

Ade joined Steps in March 2022 in Project Support, working closely with our client project teams to assist with the logistics of our programmes that bring about change for our clients. This remit includes working with the Associate Relationship Manager, and Marketing Manager on marketing activities. He appreciates the Work from Anywhere (policy), which enables him to work from Lagos (Nigeria) and London (UK) locations.

Since joining Steps, Ade has developed a good understanding and passion for L&D and behavioural change. He is interested in working with inspiring people who can bring the collective creativity and knowledge they have as a team, to the table. He is keen on providing support to boost company performance and culture. Ade is now working his way through to obtaining Associate Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development, at CIPD.

Prior to joining Steps, Ade worked for 10 years as a Business coach & ICT analyst, with a background in Project management and Operations research. He has previous experience in business development and implemented business strategies, refreshed business models, across industry sectors to support business growth.

On his days off you will find him seeking new routes, canal side, at the Queen Elizabeth Park – East London.


About Adegboyega Awokoya

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