ING – Step up to Performance Management

Supporting ING with a global process of behavioural change around enhancing their performance culture.

Drawing on ten years’ experience of working in partnership with ING, Steps was asked to support the business with a global process of behavioural change around enhancing their performance culture. This was one of many organisational changes to support their strategic vision of differentiating the ING customer experience. They moved from a retrospective review procedure to one that looked at improvement in real-time to help them react faster and be more innovative. In practice, they developed a culture of continuous conversations and feedback.

ING rolled out a key programme of different workshops and interventions to introduce the concept, establish new ways of working and provide opportunities for in-depth skills practice. They really wanted their people to gain a practical understanding of how to live the new concept.


Our approach allowed participants to develop the skills for having effective performance conversations and giving feedback, in a highly experiential environment; using drama, facilitated discussion and the opportunity for developmental skills practice.

We focused on 3 key deliverables:

  • Live interactive learning sessions with senior/exec level employees and the management population globally.
  • The creation of supportive follow-up media resources, reinforcing the key learning and providing follow up information that can be accessed as and when needed.
  • Dedicated ‘feedback coaching gyms’, designed to offer individuals the opportunity to work through personal challenges and receive guidance and feedback in a safe environment, from a skilled actor-facilitator.

At the heart of our input has been the opportunity to hold a mirror up to the behavioural challenges people face at ING and to explore practical, tangible ways to do things differently for the benefit of individuals and the business. Some notable factors underpinning our involvement:

  • This is a global programme, utilising Steps’ teams to deliver throughout Europe, the US, South America, SE Asia and Australia.
  • Sessions have been delivered in multiple languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin and Japanese.
  • It has been a large logistical operation to manage the teams in multiple locations concurrently, making project management key.
  • ‘Feedback gyms’ have a 100% positive feedback rating (based on over 50 sessions).

Next Steps

As is critical to any change programme, ING now needs to ensure that the learning and change really lives within the business moving forward. Steps has been working with them to identify and implement activities to support this happening effectively.