‘My Steps’ Management Development

Putting managers in the driving seat to become inspiring and engaging leaders


Organising a funeral requires precision, accuracy and the utmost care, but the ‘command and control’ culture this requires is less suited to people development. Our aim for this programme was to encourage managers to take responsibility for their own development to become inspiring, engaging and confident leaders.

Our Approach

This was to be their first ever management development programme, so engaging the participants from the outset was paramount. The ‘MySteps’ programme kicked-off during their biannual leadership conference with high impact video and live drama, designed to hold a mirror up to the issues, position objectives and set the tone for what was to come.

‘My Steps’

‘MySteps’ was then an 18-month modular programme blending experiential and cognitive learning. Researched and designed with our Steps to Change model in the forefront of our minds, we broke the programme down into three keys areas of development; ‘Who are You?’, ‘You and your Team’ and ‘Next Steps – Your Journey’.

What Next?

Working closely with our client Roz Milligan and her team, the programme was designed to offer the participants

  • A range of workshops and video-based learning, bringing everyday scenarios to life, promoting discussion and sharing of best practice
  • A series of workshops, catering to (and also exploring) their different learning styles
  • Development of peer-to-peer coaching skills
  • Ongoing self-managed coaching sets to embed a coaching culture long after the completion of the programme
  • Individual activities and exercises allowing participants to put theories into practice

The programme was supported by a specially created intranet site hosting a wide range of learning resources, to which delegates were encouraged to add and share their own discoveries.


The effectiveness of the programme was extensively evaluated following an initial baseline survey of skills and confidence.

An average of 98% of delegates stated that each section was ‘partly’ or ‘very’ relevant and useful to them, while 85% of delegates rated the overall value of the workshops to their development as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’.