Drax - Diversity & Inclusion

Continuing the journey with Drax to work with their Management to create videos for their Diversity & Inclusion population.

Diversity and Inclusion is a business priority for Drax and one of their 5 enablers for their business strategy, and their next step was to look at achieving positive action from this positive intent. The Inclusive Leadership programme was closely designed and linked with their 5 values to help cement the journey of making Diversity and Inclusion a part of their organisation. From the outset, we had discussions with the most senior people from the D&I Steering Committee, Head of People Development, and the D&I team managers to help identify the Learning objectives for the workshop and how to measure the success of the programme.

The programme was designed to explore the role of Senior Leaders in championing and driving change to create a truly diverse and inclusive culture. The main aims of the session were to ignite the belief that inclusion must live within the fabric of organisation, creating a shared understanding and helping the leaders see their role in inspiring and living within a more inclusive culture.

Diagnostic & Design

Drax DEI


Each video focussed on different key topics within the DEI space, to hold up a mirror for managers to spot different non-inclusive behaviours within the workplace and give them the tools and techniques to speak up and understand how they could do things differently. The participants explored: the dangers and impact of making assumptions; what it means to be an ally and when it’s appropriate to challenge behaviours; how to include quieter voices and ensure they are heard; and the concept of microaggressions and how to check biases. We consciously chose to set the videos in different locations across the business, while not making them specific to that Business Unit, so that the focus is on the behaviours shown. This makes the videos relevant to each participant, regardless of what Business Unit they work for at Drax.

Continuation between the programmes was key – to build commitment from both the Senior Leaders and the frontline managers to work collaboratively to create a truly inclusive and diverse culture at Drax.
To enhance this through line, we also produced a promotional video for the front-line managers to watch before they attended the sessions. This video featured interviews with six of the Senior Leaders who had been through the live-virtual programme, talking about why these sessions are important and how they’ve embedded the actions they committed to within their Action Learning Sets.


Over 173 Managers have gone through the sessions so far and the satisfaction level for the sessions is at 91%, which is a testimony to the collaborative relationship that we have built with Drax. As the sessions move forward, a digital resource will be launched for teams to access the material and embed the learning further within the business.


“It was really good, and the role plays were very helpful in illustrating sometimes quite subtle lack of inclusion events” Session Participant, Drax

“During and after the training it makes you reflect on situations and how these could be handled differently. It has made me more confident to speak up when something isn’t right.” Session Participant, Drax