Building an Inclusive Culture

After an exciting period of growth in one of its business areas, DAC Beachcroft was keen to bring people together to develop a more inclusive workplace culture…


DAC Beachcroft is a leading international legal business with more than 2,200 people and coverage across the UK, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and North America. The firm prides itself on being agile, progressive and engaging, with a flexible approach to deliver service excellence depending on clients’ individual needs. After an exciting period of growth in one of its business areas, DAC Beachcroft was keen to bring people together to develop an inclusive workplace culture.


Steps was asked to create a challenging and progressive experiential programme to engage managers with the diversity and inclusion agenda. Focusing on areas including unconscious bias, effective communication and active listening, the session used interactive techniques to explore how leaders and managers influence workplace culture – and in turn, how culture can impact performance. Sessions involved interactive and scripted drama scenarios, followed by carefully facilitated discussion to draw out the learning and empower the delegates to value their own, and others’, contributions. Theories were used to underpin the drama and lend an additional context to the topics being discussed.

What Next?

The session closed with the group establishing a collective goal for their business and taking individual ownership for their role in reaching this goal, as well as building a positive and ideas-rich working culture. Development continued post-course with attendees formulating ideas to promote open communication and influence the culture.

Therese Tyson, HR Manager – Diversity, at DAC Beachcroft, said: “We wanted people to explore their personal perceptions of diversity and inclusion and then to look toward the bigger picture – encouraging a broader exploration of the issues, at team and business level. Establishing a shared understanding and common aims with our people was an important outcome for us.”


100 per cent of attendees rated the course and the facilitation as good or excellent. 97 per cent said the course was relevant to their work and 78 per cent felt a high degree of confidence that the learning would be applied back at their desks. 75 per cent said they had more confidence in challenging inappropriate behaviour as a result of the Steps session.

This programme recognised and promoted the diversity of DAC Beachcroft’s people, and helped managers to understand their role in making DAC Beachcroft a great place to work and a great place to do business.