Steps Open Session – July 2024

26 June 2024

Title: Creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace 

Date: Tuesday, 23rd July 2024 

Time: 3pm (UK) / 4pm (CET) / 10am (EST)  

Duration: 90 minutes


Session Synopsis
What do you think when you hear the phrase Psychological Safety?  How do you support creating a space of Psychological Safety in your working relationships?  Have you stopped to consider how Psychological Safety can impact performance, employee engagement, and well-being?   If you’ve been curious about these types of questions and want to know more, join us for our next open session.   


During the session you’ll get the chance to experience our approach to creating a culture of Psychological Safety and explore practical things you can do in your working relationships to support yourself and your team members to feel more psychologically safe.   


Objectives of the interactive workshop are:

  • To develop a deeper understanding of what is actually meant by psychological safety. 
  • To explore ways to develop psychological safety in your working relationships. 
  • To share experiences and learn best practice from others across different sectors.  

This is an experiential workshop, demonstrating how the Steps to Change approach – See It, Own It, Change It Live works in practice.  We’ve never been talk and chalk, so why would we be speaker and slides?! As always with our work, discussion amongst participants is encouraged and key, so as a result we can only offer 35 places per session – and a limit of 3 people per organization. If you’re interested in running for more delegates within your organization, please do get in touch! 


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