Microaggressions in the Workplace: How to Challenge and Change

15 February 2023


What are the general interactions you have during a typical day?  For most of us the day might be punctuated with an annoying interaction with a manager or a funny moment between your peers.  We tend to remember the ‘bigger’ moments in each day that have an emotional impact on us.  Most of us don’t remember or take notice of the hundreds of little interactions or comments that come our way.  However, for some individuals those little moments can add up over time, throughout their daily lives, and can have a subtle psychological impact on their emotional and mental wellbeing.  These are often referred to as microaggressions or micro inequities.


So how do we challenge them and change our behaviours to be more inclusive?


Using our Steps to Change methodology and our interactive drama-based approach, this 90-minute session will help participants:


  • Gain a greater understanding in identifying microaggressions.
  • Explore the impact microaggressions can have.
  • Learn ways to positively challenge microaggressions.
  • Learn how to change personal behaviours to keep from committing them.


Join us on Thursday 2 March at 3pm (BST) / 10am (EST) / 4pm (CET) for our next Open Session focusing on Microaggressions.  You can register your attendance on Eventbrite via this link:




As always with our work, discussion amongst participants is encouraged and key – and so we can only offer 35 places per session, with a limit of 3 people per organisation. If you’re interested in running a session for more delegates within your organisation, please do get in touch!


And finally, if you’d like to learn more about Microaggressions and their impact, please have a listen to the latest ‘Steps to Change’ podcast, available here: www.stepsdrama.com/podcasts.

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